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The Teachings of Christianity

As a religion, christianity has a unique scheme of salvation or redemption that focuses on getting believers back to God. It has a strong sense of community that is built around the church and its teachings. Most people in the church see themselves as being distanced from God and needing to be saved or brought back to God.

This faith tradition also teaches that Jesus was both human and divine and that he lived and died to save us from sin. The earliest Christians believed that Christ’s death would cover over or atone for the original sin of Adam and Eve that caused the penalty of death to enter the world.

The church taught that the spirit of God had imbued Jesus with the ability to forgive sins on earth. This authority was passed on to his disciples and to the church that he established. It became a system of church leadership that is called the episcopate, consisting of bishops and deacons who serve them in their work of charity.

Healing the sick was a common occurrence in the early church and is one of the most important aspects of Christian teachings. This teaching of the apostles and later Christians, who were known as healers, is based on the bible that says that we are to pray for the sick and lay hands on them. Many of these miracles were accompanied by signs and wonders such as the blind seeing, lame walking and even raising the dead.

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