Watch Ordinary Water Become Blood in Church

The Roman Antichrist

The apostle John was told by an angel that, of seven kings who must reign, five have already died, but “one is.” The one who “is” in the days of John’s exile, is the Emperor Domitian.

Foundational Beliefs

Why are Believers so hesitant to examine their foundational beliefs? What are we afraid of finding? Could there be a flaw in our adopted theology? What is what we believed for so many years has contradicted Scriptural intent?

Why Writers About God Quote From Others Rather Than an Inner Knowledge

Only those with a strong spiritual link to the Almighty can speak for and on behalf of God. They are called the children of Israel and they are receiving their inheritance as the power flood them. They experience miracles of healing, peace, and other things as testimony that the Spirit is back and redeeming its own.

The Sun Gave Rise to Halo and the Term Holy

Those who are depicted wearing halos are so called ‘saints’ or ‘sun’s cross’ because they are ‘martyrs’ who rose through the circle of the sun star to marry Mary. The visions given to me demonstrate how religion is born of sun-worship and the Mother God of Babylon, which is the sun and the chief God of the Catholic and Muslim branches of Islam.

Religions Are Floundering in the Wake of the Spirit’s Return

The religious people who condemn those who are spiritual and free of the two beasts are suffering because of their false gods and idols. There is no way back for them a the judgment has already occurred. The Spirit is back and is drawing its people from their clutches. This is the harvest at the end of the day.

Why Religions Are the Power Houses of Corruption and Robbers

The children of Israel are blossoming and coming away from religions in droves. They are gathering in groups and growing stronger and closer to God daily. Now is the end of the day and the in gathering of the spiritual crop is taking place.

Why Is Memory of Reincarnation Unacceptable in Religious Circles?

The Internet is God’s mountain where the controversy for the end of days is now addressed. It deals with reincarnation and the way religions have hidden the real God for their own benefit. It is calling back its spiritual people and releasing them from the prison of lies built by the 2 beasts of Revelation.

The Magic and Tricks of Religious Power

The Spirit of the real God is born within those of its choosing, Religions sever that connection by indoctrination and brainwashing of the young. Once the brain is wired to their will it is hard for a person to give up on the ‘faith’ and they lose their link to God permanently.

God Did Not Create the Devil, Man Did

Those who believe in heaven and hell and expect that the devil is the one who bring evil upon the world should think again. There is only one God and it is the Great Creative Power of all of the universe. It is everywhere and in all things and it does not give its glory to anyone or anything.

The Devastation False Gods Have Delivered to the World

Those who worship false gods or who take part in religious rituals are suffering the effects of their efforts. They are marked to be removed as the earth undergoes its death throes. Major floods, climate change, fires, earthquakes and such are only part of it. The big one will be the looming war and the entire world will be involved.

God: Believe Or Not?

Atheists actually speak more about God than the believers of God. In fact, they strain and do more research to prove their point. They call the religious practices and methods as unfounded and illogical.

Man’s God Is Earthbound While the Real God Works Throughout the Universe

The people who know the real God are called the children of Israel. They have nothing to do with the Jews or the country by that name. They are spiritual and the power is now pouring over them to release them from the prisons built by religious organisations that buried the truth.

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