Be Strong and Take Heart – Two Fun Bible Memory Verse Activities For Psalm 39:14

Do your kids know that they can make their hearts strong by hoping in the Lord? They will after memorizing Psalm 39:14…

Teaching Your Preschoolers to Pray Morning, Noon and Night – A Scripture Lady Activity

Preschoolers are ready to learn that God wants them to pray to Him morning, noon and night. Here is a fun Bible activity to help them learn this important truth…

This Life – 1

One dictionary defines life as “The union of soul and body” but this definition may not adequately describe plant life. Another definition was put up as “the state of been alive” yet another definition says “it is the period between birth and death”. Life is described by another dictionary as “the property of a plant or animal that involves growth, nutrition, respiration and reproduction.

Working The Wonders Of God – 2

You have to understand that God doesn’t do any of His wonders without using a man. We are never told that God came down at any time to perform any of the wonders or miracles, He always and will continue to find a man He can use to perform these signs and wonders. God is always looking for a man.

What is Freemasonry – Some Basic Things About Freemasonry

You might be wondering about freemasonry and the many ‘mysteries’ that surround this fraternity and that some people may have associated this large organization to being a secret society and being a religious cult. Freemasonry has been around for years and even had its origins back in the 16th and 17th century. In fact, it is one of the oldest organizations existing.

Working The Wonders Of God – 1

We are serving a God of wonders! His words are full of wonders, His acts are all beyond comprehension. He is God indeed, the Omnipotent, the Omniscient and ALMIGHTY; he can do all things. I cannot but wonder at the magnitude of His creation, when I see some mountains and seas, I cannot but wonder at the craftiness and wisdom with which all these things are put together…

Is There a Worship Leader Guide That Actually Helps?

In the world of praise and worship leading, there is a plethora of books, DVDs and worship conferences all claiming to help us learn how to lead worship effectively, but many of these disappoint because they seem to be worship leader guides without clear and concise teaching. When I consider a worship leader’s guide, I am not looking for 101 Biblical reasons as to why I should lead worship.

Creation of the Universe – Day One of God’s Creation – Part 1

When discussing the Creation two questions seem to surface. Is the Bible literal? OR, is the Bible an allegory? The answer is yes.

Is it Right For Men to Fight God?

Man is the only creature of the world, who had been in constant conflict with God. He had constantly defied God and elevated himself to the highest level while all other animals simply followed the will of God. Whether man can be said to be on the right track?

Creation of the Universe – Day Three of God’s Creation

God’s Word, the Bible, tells us that God gathered all the waters under heaven into one place. Here again is God’s principle of separation and protection.

Trust in God to Find the Right Church

I would like to tackle the question of looking for a church. Looking for a church in the modern western sense of the word, is to look for one that one would perceive to be relevant to their needs, and that appeals to their temperament and has the facilities that one would consider necessary – “the priority being, not God, but me”!

From the Jewish Sect of Nazarenes to Gentile Christianity

But for the flagrant indiscretions of the insufferable Stephen, the simple faith of the sect of Nazarenes, along with the “vile superstition” of a resurrected god-man, might have died a natural death in its native Palestine, what with the proverbial stiff-neckedness of the Jews and the encumbering influence of the conservatives of the “circumcision party.” The persecution of the “Nazarenes” after the martyrdom of Stephen, rather than the conversion of Constantine, was the chief accident of history which placed the resurrection story on a world conquering course.

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