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How to Know Yourself

Here we are, on this planet we call Earth. Who are we? What are we supposed to do? Where are the instructions?

Malcolm X Couldn’t Spell X Until He Met Elijah Muhammad

In the autobiography of Malcolm X, Alex Haley writes how the Nation of Islam used X as a symbol to verify the unknown as in algebra. This unknown was used in reference to the fact that African Americans didn’t know their real names and the names that were used were names form slave owners that once owned their families.

Emerging Church in a Multi-Cultural World

Emerging Church seems to be on everybody’s lips nowadays. As we see it, emerging church is a way to impact the modern culture with the gospel of Christ in an understandable way. Pretty simple. The only catch here is that this thought of appealing to a group of people is just one side of the coin.

The Concept of Sex in God’s World

All creatures have no problem with their sexual activities, except man. So whats going on? Well, way back when original sin was created, sex (among other things) was involved, and man became aware of his nakedness.

Common Ground For Christians, Jews and Muslims

Christians, Jews and Muslims have a common heritage in Abraham, whose test with Isaac offers insight that could help Islamic relationships if understood. Islam teaches regard for ancient Biblical prophets and it has many views and practices in common with Judaism and some with Christians…

Saint Francis of Assisi and the Stigmata

Saint Francis of Assisi the poor one of Assisi, received the Stigmata towards the end of his earthly life. This is an account of this travel to La Verna where he received the Stigmata.

The Failure of Natural Law – Part Two

To suggest that Adam was capable of arriving at a true definition of right and wrong apart from God is to excuse his behavior. Indeed, it is to say that Adam’s action was a work of self emancipation, a ground-breaking act that set him free from the parochial morality of God’s law. However, the truth is very different. Adam rejected right and wrong as defined by the Creator and so laid the groundwork for every subsequent attempt to define law independently of God. Thus, natural law theory is nothing more then rebellion against God.

Experiencing the Theology of Lament

How are you influenced by the theologies of praise and power? Have you ever been exposed to the theology of lament? If not, you need to fully experience this so as to enjoy a holistic life. Both laughter and tears are important in our spiritual walk.

The African American Church – Growth, Essence and Context!

The development of the African-American Church is a critical part of the American landscape. Many educators from various backgrounds collaborated and established a visionary prospective for the enhancement of the African-American Church. Their efforts resulted in a dynamic and vibrant practice of African-American spiritually which has sustained the Black Church for many generations and will continue to do so as an integral part of African-American lives.

Trunk Or Treat – Churches Find New Way to Connect With Their Community

There is a growing trend among churches in the United States and it is finding plenty of children willing to participate. Many Christians still struggle over Halloween. Some think that we should not celebrate it at all while a growing number are turning Halloween into a Christian event with Trunk or Treats and Hallelujah festivals. These are bringing a large number of children and parents to the events. At the Trunk or Treat or Hallelujah festivals kids receive candy, play games, eat and receive information about the church or the Gospel.

Spiritual Warfare – Why You Need Your Loins Girded With the Belt of Truth

The real secret to living the victorious Christian life is having on the Whole Armor of God. We are in a spiritual warfare with the invisible forces of Satan and his host. Their main purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy lives. The spiritual belt of truth is one piece of the armor and one of our main weapons of defense.

Navratri – Religious Significance and Puja Vidhi

Navratri is a festival popularly known as the festival of worship and dance. The word Navaratri literally means nine nights in Sanskrit; Nava meaning Nine and Ratri meaning nights. During these nine nights and days, nine forms of Shakti/Devi i.e. female divinity are worshipped. The nine-day festival of Navratri is held in honor of the nine manifestations of Goddess Durga.

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