Watch This To Find Out If The DEVIL Is Hanging Out With YOU!πŸ‘ΊπŸ˜±

Who Was Mary Magdalene

Who was Mary Magdalene? Prostitute? Wife of Jesus? There has been a great deal confusion, speculation, and straight-up lies regarding this Biblical character. What does the Bible really say about her?

God’s Tippers

What does it take to get some people’s attention? Has your life been “meddled” with lately?

Churchless Christianity – A Move of God?

Christianity has come a long way. It has had a most spectacular history of evolution. It’s a religion that has always managed to mold itself according to the times and its power and reach continue unabated even into the 21st century…

Instead of Waiting on a Stimulus, Why Not Stimulate Your Faith?

With all the different events taking place in our economy- massive job losses, companies going under, home foreclosures skyrocketing, many people are looking to the stimulus as their only hope for a bailout. Now don’t get me wrong, a stimulus is good, but the fact is no matter how big the stimulus or what it promises to do, it is just a temporary solution.

My Forever Role Model

I teach that I have found a forever leader who has gone as far as anyone can go in these five areas: love, truth, power, justice and hope. My hero died speaking forgiveness to his enemies. That is Love that endured. His critics were speechless after he asked them questions that trapped them instead of him. That proves he knew how to handle Truth. He walked on water, raised the dead and promised forgiveness and gave it often. That takes Power. His plan to offer freedom was just because the rich and the poor have to enter his favor by way of the same essence: faith; not money, education or some other strength.

True Worship of God, According to AW Tozer

There was probably no finer exponent of the right worship and fire of God in the 20th Century than Aiden Wilson Tozer. His posthumously published book, The Worship Driven Life, according to his own tradition and literary legacy, is simply marvelous for teaching a Jesus-believer how to actually worship God aright, in the power of the Holy Spirit; for there are so many snares we’re hardly even aware of towards the end of worship.

Meditate on God and His Law

We are called to Meditate on God’s Word and His Law. Let us examine ourselves and examine how we can have a closer relationship with God through meditating on Him.

Discover Amazing Salvation With Jesus – Blood Washed Means Set Apart

What does salvation with Jesus really mean to you? Not to your mate, neighbor or friend. What exactly does it mean to you a Christian personally? Does it mean Jesus Blood has washed you white as snow from the elements of this world? Is it a license to do what you want to do because you’ve heard once you’re saved, do as you please? God forbid!

Finding the Power to Overcome – There is Real Freedom in the Cross

How you can take hold of the power of the cross and win the battle for your mind. Sometimes Jesus made his point by speaking in exaggerations. Nowhere is this more clear than when he talked about the dangers of sin.

Poor Clare Nuns Seek a Hidden Life, in Contemplation of God

A Poor Clare will tell you that a contemplative nun is an incessant seeker of God. She is one whose life’s journey is a long trek within the heart where waits her God. Her whole life is contingent on Him, her only reference point.

Thinking With Jesus

Jesus wants us to learn how to think with him. Here’s how we can improve our decision-making process.

The Message of the Gospel

Where do we begin? When we examine our attitude toward evangelization, it is clear that the degree to which we are willing to evangelize is linked to the degree to which we have understood the great work that Jesus has done in us and in the church.

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