I Do What I Hate (Romans 7:14 – 25)

Last Sunday (03/05/09) we talked about the three kinds of people as described by the Apostle Paul in 1Corinthians, Chapters 2 and 3. We learned that there is 1. the natural man, 2. the spiritual man 3. And the carnal man. It was also made clear that we all belong to one of them, and that most people belong to the carnal category which is the most dangerous one.

The Average Christian is Not Fruitful

There is no better way than being fruitful, however, according to Christ’s own words, to prove that we are his disciples. It is not enough to live a good life.

The Fifth Sunday in Lent – Anointing Jesus’ Feet

As the preparation for baptism and a life of discipleship began with the third Sunday in Lent, so it continues in the fifth Sunday. This week’s texts highlight practices that prepare us to fulfill the covenant we each made with our baptism.

Behind the Veil – The Misconception of Muslim Women Behind the Veil

There are various health and moral facts behind the veil. The moral duty of the veil in Islam is a frequently discussed topic among Muslim women. It is believed that there are scientific reasons why the veil is beneficial for the society.

Lakshmi – Hindu Goddess of Prosperity and Light

Who is this lovely woman, standing on a lotus flower, with four arms and coins slipping through her fingers? Most likely, it’s the Hindu goddess of light, Lakshmi, an important goddess in the Hindu pantheon.

The Hindu God Ganesh Represents Wisdom and Success

With an elephant head, man’s body, four hands and missing tusk – it’s easy to mistake the god Ganesh as some sort of Hindu jester; but this would dismiss centuries of rich history and symbolism. In Hindu culture this elephant-headed god is the embodiment of wisdom and success.

Palm Sunday – The Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem

Palm Sunday, also known as Passion Sunday, marks the beginning of Holy Week. It commemorates Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. The event is mentioned in all four gospels: Mark 11:1-11; Matthew 21:1-11; Luke 19:28-44; and John 12:12-19.

Saying Goodbye to a Cherished Church Fellowship

How do you say goodbye to a church fellowship you need to leave? How do you thank people?

Christian Recollections

My Christian brethren, how vividly can you recollect when you were young? Those were simple days, the world of innocence. Nothing seemed to bother you. You had your parents who were ever around and the mere mention of ‘dad’ or ‘mum promised every solution required in every situation.

Christians Should Look Before Leaping

Just days gone by, a woman was tailgated by a man who is a fellow member of her local church. The woman came to an intersection and when the light turned yellow she slammed her foot on the brake. She went wild. She blared her car’s horn, and spurted a flurry of vituperation and gestured in ways that are acted in movies illustrating the dire wickedness of Satan.

Do Christians Still Interpret Dreams

I met a lady online on Facebook and she interprets dreams. This is my dream and what she said about it.

Christians’ Answers Lie With God

It is on Him that everything rests and His name is God! It is God’s world. To conceive of it otherwise is an errant thinking. Every so often, the Christian gets reminded that God knows about his cares, fears, worries, needs, anxieties, outcomes, just about anything concerning him.

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