Water Walkers Are Popping Up Everywhere In 2022

When Love Trumps Tolerance

The word “tolerance” has been all but deified by our current culture, and the parameters of the definition remain somewhat of a mystery. Be that as it may, there are many occasions where intolerance represents the greater love for our fellow human being. The latter is dramatically brought to light in the gospels, where Jesus meets a rich young man who has, to all appearances, led an exemplary life.

What Is Contemporary Judaica Art?

Recent decades have shown a growing popularity of contemporary Judaica artworks all around the globe. Modern Judaica art is both innovative and historic. That’s exactly what makes it so fascinating.

Candles and Their Message in Judaism

Lighting candles has a significant role in Judaism; indeed, candles are lit at the beginning of every Jewish Sabbath and festival. On the festival of Chanukah, a candelabrum is lit every night, one light on the first night, two on the second and so forth, until all eight lights are lit on the eighth and final night of Chanukah. What is the connection between lighting candles and spirituality? Rabbi Aron Moss, on the Chabad website, wrote a beautiful essay in response to the question that I’d like to share.

Hinduism – The Way Of Practical Living

Hinduism has come a long way as it was probably the oldest religion. It has seen a lot of reforms due to the changing times. The original customs have not only survived in the temples and other institutes but also in millions of houses in India, where it has been passed through generations. The customs and rituals still inspire many to lead a good and truthful life.

The Future of Mind Control and Religious Brain Chips Considered

Not long ago, an acquaintance asked a rather dubious question; “what if a fundamentally religious regime decided to put in a brain chip for obedience to a certain religion?” Interestingly enough, there was a similar question posed in an article in the World Futurist Society’s magazine in 2010, and another article in 2012. This is not a new thought, but it’s something to definitely think about.

Not All Religious Fundamentalists Are Against Technology – He Said

There are some religions which are against technology, not many but some adamantly oppose it, even consider that it is unholy and definitely unwholesome – take the Amish for instance, still driving horse buggies, and they have done pretty well without a lot of new technology haven’t they? Well luckily in the US we allow freedom of religion even if we ourselves might not fully understand why it is they have such beliefs.

Rabbi Bejarano Gutierrez on Maimonides and Spinoza

For Rabbi Bejarano Gutierrez, Maimonides, or Moshe Ben Maimon, on the one hand, is regarded as the greatest Jewish philosopher of the medieval period. Maimonides was also recognized in subsequent centuries as a master Halakhist whose influence in Jewish legal matters remains enormous to this day.

4 Creative Everyday Ways To Share Your Faith

Your faith embodies so much of who you are as a person. It brings joy and hope during both the celebratory and grievous moments throughout your life. Sharing Christianity should be humble and natural, not overwhelming or ostentatious. Finding small ways to share your faith is an affirmation of your spirituality and commitment to Christ’s love.

The Spirit of the Tithe: It Was Never About Money

For many religious institutions, tithing is a big issue today. I can understand why. Many of these religious institutions are quite wealthy, and to maintain that wealth, tithing is necessary. But what is the real spirit of the scripture when it comes to the issue of tithing?

Why Worship Is All About Reverence

Reverence comes from a primitive root which means to fear; causatively to frighten: affright, be (make) afraid, dreadful fear, tremble. The dictionary will tell us that fear is deep respect, if that’s the case then what does reverence mean. I believe that fear doesn’t bring us escape from God but bring us closer.

Can You Be a Christian and Believe in Other Religions?

You cannot inherit eternal life by being a Christian and following other religions. There is only one way you can be saved, which is through putting your faith in Jesus Christ.

Can Christians Judge?

Christians should not make judgment and gossip about other people. We must always say things that are encouraging so that the person can be led to God and walk in the right path.

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