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Miracles and Christianity


Miracles and Christianity

Christianity is a system of beliefs and practices that are based on the Bible. However, many people are inoculated against Christianity due to the deception that accompanies it. They’ve been exposed to a lot of anti-Christian propaganda from the media and even intellectual circles, and that makes reaching such people a more difficult proposition.

One of the central beliefs in Christianity is that God does miracles. In fact, the Bible is full of miracles. Jesus cured people of diseases, had power over demons, and performed miracles of nature. Interestingly, his apostles never performed any miracles. Therefore, the Bible teaches that those who believe in miracles must be redeemed from sins.

Christians also believe that prayer can heal sicknesses. Hence, it is important to understand the role of prayer in healing. Prayers are often performed by the elders of the Church. This practice has led to the sacrament of anointing the sick. According to the Book of James, the faith-filled prayer of a priest can save the sick.

The Bible also teaches that the human being consists of two parts – the body and the soul. The two are intertwined, and in the Bible, Christ’s mission was to save the soul as well as the body.

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