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Keys to Church Growth Everyone Should Know

Gaining new friends is always the first step in making them feel welcome in the congregation. Knowing more people there will make them feel less alienated and will thus create a better environment for them. This also creates more opportunity for interaction since church members might meet the guest in public places such as restaurants and malls. Small chit chats such as these will give the guest a glimpse of the fellowship that awaits him/her in the church.

Saint Angela Merici Wanted To Become A Saint

The Fifteenth Century no better than the Fourteenth, God, countering evil with good, raised up a unique Saint Angela Merici. Permissiveness and promiscuity were running wild like the wine and revelry of the times, God raised a Saint who will not only be a contradiction in this hedonistic society, she will gather others to follow her in her divine quest to live a life of holiness.

Ministry Marketing for Maximum Results

Religious ministries abound and there are many different denominations with its ministries. In order to create more followers, there must be something within your church which makes it more special than the previous religious groups of your guests.

5 Laws of Growing Healthy Churches

A growing church is defined as a place where there is spiritual reproduction, where new members are regularly coming in. It is also a venue for life transformation, where members are obviously being changed from good to better and from better to best.

Avoid These 5 Church Growth Barriers

Church growth is every pastor’s dream. Usually, the concept of church growth is limited to refer only to an increase in church attendance without considering the quality of its members. When quality is set aside, the church may grow in number but may not remain stable and end up splitting into several groups.

Walking In The Fear Of The Lord – A Valid Lifestyle

Abundant life is a product of our reverence toward and respect for the Lord. When we honour the Lord by aligning our ways with His ways, love what He loves, hate what He hates, shun pride, arrogance, sin and negative speech, we are promised entrance to abundant life.

How to Lay the Foundation for Natural Church Growth

Natural church growth is defined as the continuous arrival of new members in which they are neither forced nor persuaded to become part of it. Willingness is a key term in this phenomenon since natural church growth happens when people see that they will benefit from the church membership.

What Exactly Do Preachers Want?

In the world today, we normally hear some faith-destroying words like; What All Preachers Want is Your Money! Often, watching what is going on in the world today, you and I may have even uttered those words. But, think about it. Have you ever heard anyone say, “All the pancake companies want is your money?”

Ruling As Conquerors In Christ

The Bible tells us that in all things we are more than conquerors through Christ that loves us. A conqueror is “one who consistently wins in battle”. He or she is one who is permanently registered on the winning side. Conquerors are made such by God. They are people who consistently win battles with God’s backing. They do not know defeat, because the hand of the Lord is on them. This is the Spirit of the Lord.

Walking In The Power Of God To Conquer

I believe that now is the time for every man and woman to walk in the anointing of God for conquest. To conquer is to choose to trust God as to back you up; abandon sin and walk fearless, and to practice the presence of God through prayer, worship, meditation of His Word, and making a financial exchange to receive from God.

An Insider’s Ideas for Church Growth

Church growth is one of the most important things to be considered, especially by churches with smaller number of followers. This articles contains 4 tips on how members of smaller congregations on how they could effectively recruit more church members.

Religion of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a place where Buddhism is practiced by the 75% of its people. Its main religion is Theravada Buddhism, the earliest form of Buddhism.

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