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What Is Christianity?

The Christian faith is based on the idea that people have separated themselves from God and need to be reconnected. This is referred to as redemption or salvation, and it is mediated through Jesus Christ.

Christians believe that they can be saved by submitting to Christ and by living according to His teachings. They also believe that they have a duty to share in the work of Jesus and his followers, as well as to encourage, admonish, and pray for each other’s spiritual well-being.

Christianity has a strong historical tradition. But most Christians would prefer to focus on Jesus as a present reality that is at the heart of their faith.

Deliverance, Casting Out Demons

Many Christians believe that it is possible to cast out demons from a person’s body and soul. Often this is done through anointing the sick with oil and offering a prayer of faith.

Healing The Sick

In the Bible, Jesus healed many of his followers. He did this in many ways, but one way that he did it was through miracle healing.

The healings were often credited to Jesus’ supernatural powers, but in some cases they could also be explained by simple human improvisation. For example, when a woman touched the edge of Jesus’ garment and was healed, it was not by an act of magic, but through her trust in Jesus.

Today, Christianity has a significant presence in the developing world, including sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. More than half of all Christians live in these countries, which are growing at a faster rate than the Global North (Europe, the Americas and Australia).

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