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The Hunger for the Real God

There is a great need of God – the one and only, true and living God – amongst all people. Though religion can be more distractive than attractive in our day, there is, and always will be, a great need of direction, meaning, purpose, and hope in people’s lives. Only God can fill that otherwise eternal void.

Universalism, 12 – Peter and Universalism (2)

Did Jesus preach the Gospel to dead people so they could have another chance? Some truly believe that, but I think you’ll agree on the view that is in keeping with other teachings on the subject.

Confession’s Cleansing Power

The power in confession is the vanquishment of the enemy. Satan hates it when we divulge our awful secrets, because, ironically, we become tremendously empowered, as we are not rejected. Indeed, we are ever more respected for having the intestinal fortitude – in plain language, guts – to ‘fess up’ in the presence of our fellow kind.

Never Think That You Are Inadequate

The most common reason why we do not fulfill our destiny is because we feel inadequate. We have a tendency to judge our self by the gift and ability of someone else, that will never work and we will fall short every time. We cannot be like someone else. What he is doing is his calling so he is anointed to do it. We may not have that calling upon our life therefore; it will not work for us. However, we do have an ability; it might seem small or insufficient to us but God is able to use it to propel us to something great for His glory.

The Unsung Heroes of the Olympics

Our concentration during the Olympic games is usually focused on the gold, silver and bronze medal winners. Every competitor who finishes his race is an example of discipline and perseverance.

Universalism According to the Apostle Peter

Did Peter say the same things about sin and eternity as His Master? Did he allow for Universalism in his thinking? What about the “restoration of all things” in Acts 3?

Jesus Christ in Islam and Christianity

Christians and Muslims both believe in the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ and his miracles. Both Christians and Muslims believe that Jesus gave life to the dead and healed those born blind and lepers. The major difference of opinion between Christians and Muslims that some Christians believe that Jesus Christ is God, while Muslims believe that Jesus is not God, but is a prophet of God.

Christian Churches Become Wealthy While Children Die From Starvation

More than nine million people will starve to death this year, most of them will be children. As they starve, America’s Christian churches and ministries are sitting on hundreds of billions of dollars in assets. Tens of billions are annually spent on new mega churches and elaborate church expansion projects. And, for just a small fraction of the American Church’s income, every starving person in the world could be fed three meals a day throughout the year.

Be Still, and Know That I Am God

That ancient phrase – “BE STILL, AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD” – resounds within us. Can we hear it, and, do we listen? It is about peace; but so much more than peace. God is not only seeking to communicate with us, he does communicate with us – but mostly in the tiniest of ways. If we master the art of listening we master our lives. It is up to us. Each day, each moment, is a fresh opportunity.

Universalism: Condemned Already, Lost Forever

I have looked in Matthew, Mark, and Luke for some hint from Jesus that He was a universalist. I finish Luke and even John, still looking, but not finding. Judge for yourself.

Universalism – Unquenchable Fire, Undying Worm, Unchanging Word

Here are insights on our subject from Mark and Luke. The unquenchable fire, the undying worm, the unchanging word.

Castes and Caste System

What could be the greatest threat to the society, Terrorism, Poverty? No, none of them! It is the caste system that has ruined our society from the root level and now is the time to revive our knowledge and implement the correct methods!

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