We Pulled A Snake Out Of A Woman’s Back Last Night

The Shabbos Candles – A Light of Faith

Faith is today’s society is fragile, like the small flame of the Shabbos candle. The flame of one’s beliefs and faith strengthen as shines forth to nurture self and those around. Follow a young girl’s adventure with Shabbos candles that affected her and her family to grow stronger in their faith.

Are You Forgetting Jesus? Or Leaving Him Behind?

He recalled a fearful incident many years ago. His wife or he was to collect their little daughter after school. But through some oversight or misunderstanding–they didn’t!…

The Spiritual Quest For Peace

Where will you go for your quest for ultimate peace and happiness? The only way to seek is the spiritual way. In this article I am going to show you why turning to spirituality is the mankind’s only hope! I am also going to explain the difference between religion and spirituality!

Faith of a Child: The Deeper Truth of A Simple Understanding

Children see things as they are at face value. They have not yet been taught to add the adult interpretive. We are to come to the Word of God with that same simplicity.

The 4 C’s of Fellowship With God

Read Isaiah 1:18. The 4 C’s of Fellowship with God are as follows: 1. Conditions for Fellowship 2. Conduct for Fellowship 3…

God’s Selection, Conditional or Unconditional?

Does God choose us based on things we do and believe? Or is His choice totally unrelated to us, based on His own purposes?

Born Again – New Nature, New Church, Or New Life?

Jesus once taught a deeply religious man that he would never enter the kingdom of God to receive a place in the family of God without being ‘born again’. Jesus’ challenge gave Nicodemus a lot of perplexity, and prompted several questions. Today, there is still much similar perplexity. Just what is being ‘born again’ – a new nature, a new church, or a new life?

Reasons For Catholic Christmas, Jewish Hanukkah & Christ’s Birthday On the Feast of Tabernacles

Christmas originated as a pagan holiday, blessed by the pope in the 4th century. Hanukkah commemorates a miraculous victory of Jews fighting for freedom – 175 BC. The birth of Christ was most likely on the Feast of Tabernacles,

Signs and Wonders: A Tale of the Past?

When did God tell us to stop dong what Jesus commanded? Where is the evidence of a life lived in the authority of Jesus Christ? Discover the simplicity of the Gospel today.

A Punishing God Or A Gentle Giant?

The misunderstanding about the real God and the reason for the destruction that is upon us was deliberate and manipulated by the Great Spirit of the Universe. It deals out its fury and the world will know it very soon as the end of days is upon us.

Protecting The Power Of 666

Even knowing his identity and the religion he established makes little impression on the world intent on destruction. Most are numb and dumb because of the lies they absorb and the search for entertainment and the good times. What they miss is the real power, that of the Great Spirit of the Universe and all it encompasses.

Mary And The Christ Mass

There are two types of people in the world. The majority belong to those who are non-spiritual and who are easily persuaded by promises, make-believe, and false gods. Then there are the spiritual who know not to partake of the festivals and fun induced ways of the former but to listen and be guided by the voice within.

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