Nursing the Wounds of the Brokenhearted

It’s not often we need them in life, but the wounded healer, however scarce a commodity he or she is, has eternal value. Perhaps you know one. Perhaps you are one. Maybe your own wounds have compelled you to find healing in the healing of others, but not through feeling good about helping them, or having to share your own burdens, but through that resplendent sense of knowing God’s harmony in suffering.

The Carnal Tsunami

A Carnal Tsunami has been sweeping across this land with a vengence. The things that we once counted secure, such as our values, ethics and morals continue to be swept to the side.

The Character Of The Sons Of God

There are traits or features that are identifiable with certain persons or groups of persons. The sons of God are no exceptions – they have their character. This article attempts to examine the character expected of the biblical sons of God.

The Chinese Astrology and Unique Chinese Zodiac Signs

The Chinese astrology and Chinese zodiac signs are different from the western astrology and zodiacs as they are based on the Chinese philosophy and the yin and yang principles which are the same concepts that are used in Chinese medicines. It is one of the most ancient, popular and dependable from of horoscope, which has influenced a lot of people around the world. The Chinese zodiac signs and astrology is strongly based on the belief that a person’s destiny or fate is decided by the position of the five major planets at the time of that…

Was Jesus A Real Human?

There are a whole pile of amazing ideas about Jesus, that he was somehow so weird and different, he was paranormal. How do we sort this out and discover what he was really like? Is it possible, so long after – perhaps we are just day dreaming? Surely, the only reliable way is to ask people who spent time with him, and who watched him closely. At least, let’s try that.

Ichabod: The Real Message of the 2012 Elections – Part 3: Ichabod

A three part series of articles looking at the real lesson for Christians and conservatives to learn from the 2012 elections. This third and final part looks at the departure of the glory of God from the political institutions of the religious right and the need to abandon compromised institutions and return to trusting in God and God alone.

True Or False

Live life to the fullest. Take life seriously. Make yourself acceptable to God.

You Were Made For SO Much More Than You Know

People live mundane lives they were never meant to live. This is so sad because if they only knew what they were meant for… everything would change for them! This is an insightful and thought-provoking short parable about this.

Walk Of Faith: Believe That We Are A Friend Of God

How many of you have a friend that you believe would do almost anything for you? I believe that most of us have at least one and the mere fact that you have someone like that in your life I am sure that it brings a certain warmth to your heart. You have a sense that no matter where you are or what you are doing that person is near you and he or she is ready to back you up or defend you to the end. A true and faithful friend is like that but he is still limited.

Doomsday Predictions and YOU!

Recently there has been a lot of media hype about December 21, 2012. This is the date the Mayans believed or suggested marks the end of the world. The world is in an uproar while trying to discern when the end will actually occur. What do you think?

The World’s Greatest Miracle!

I have read many writings which proclaim one miracle or another as the greatest, and certainly in the years of my life there have been many significant events which could be classified as great miracles. In this topic I have chosen not to express my ideas, because I do not feel empowered to classify one miracle as superior to others.

Christmas Gift Ideas To Give Instead Of Toys

If you want to give something different to your children or grandchildren, then consider these gift ideas. These gifts will be enjoyed a lot longer than toys, and your children will enjoy them.

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