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Miracle Healing in Christianity


Miracle Healing in Christianity

Christianity is the world’s largest religion, a monotheistic Abrahamic faith with 2.38 billion followers. Its roots are in the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

In the first century, Jesus of Nazareth healed sick people in Galilee. He also sent out disciples to spread the gospel. These disciples were apostles, who were given power over demons.

The Bible brims with stories of healings. Jesus healed lepers, an epileptic boy, and a paralyzed man. Some of these miraculous acts were verified by the gospel authors.

After the apostolic era, church leaders questioned the legitimacy of healing. Many interpreted sickness as demonic, believing that Jesus had ceased healing after his death. Others believed that Christians were free from disease.

Healing was still an important aspect of the church’s mission. However, after Constantine converted in 312, healing drifted to the margins. A sacrament, anointing of the sick with oil became a form of prayer for spiritual preparation for heaven.

In the fifth century, some serious Christians fled urban corruption. Today, charismatic Christians know that they are a part of an epic battle against demonic powers. They have anointing of the sick, prayer for healing, and other gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Charismatic Christianity is a redemptive faith. Rather than ritualizing conversion, they are focused on persisting in the faith of those who are saved. This faith produces “a new creature” that can “display the signs of the Holy Spirit.”

Prayer is an essential element of Christianity. One third of the world’s population is Christian. And prayer is a vital weapon in spiritual warfare.

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