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Miracle Healing in Christian Faith


Miracle Healing in Christian Faith

Christian faith is a religion with many teachings. The Bible is the source of many of them. Prophecies are recorded throughout the Bible. Most of them start with a woe followed by an explanation. The Bible also encourages us to challenge sin and false teachings. It also urges us to love one another when speaking the truth.

However, Satan has blinded most of humanity and even most professing Christians. Most churchgoers are not serious about reading the Bible and do not look to it for authority. Instead, they follow traditions and teachings of men. Moreover, most of us have probably attended tent meetings of various evangelists. Many of these meetings have been mass hysteria-filled affairs with little or no real healing.

Jesus was not only God; he was the embodiment of all God’s attributes. The apostles lived by his teachings. Many of them left everything they had to follow Him. The apostle Paul also wrote epistles that described physical miracles. Jesus also poured out the Holy Spirit, the divine equipment that equips the Christian soul to serve God.

The apostle Paul prayed for people with illnesses. Besides the apostles, he had several friends who were sick. The apostles had a number of meetings with people who were in need of healing. Some even waited tables to do so.

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