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Why the Catholics Have Seven Extra Books in Their Bible

One of the most common questions a Catholic is asked by non-Catholic Christians (NCC) is, “Why does the Catholic Bible have extra books?” Sometimes it is more of an accusation: “You Catholics have added extra books to the Bible to justify your strange beliefs.”

Which is the Best Bible Encyclopedia For You?

Sometimes understanding the Bible on your own can be more difficult than it first seems. Choosing a Bible encyclopedia is a good first step. Here is help choosing the right encyclopedia for your particular needs.

Non Denominational Or Traditional Churches – What is the Difference?

What is the difference between Traditional and Non Denominational Churches. Find out what is right for you and take the plunge.

The Word of God – Do You Receive Enough of It?

This article discuses the idea of getting enough of God’s word in you. Among the ideas noted are personal devotionals, church based Bible study, and audio products.

The Bible and the Bedroom

How, as women, are we supposed to be in the mood when we have dealt with frustrating children, housework, errands, laundry, dinner, and sometimes, if your not a stay at home mom like me, a job away from the home? Here are some ideas to help keep that physical part of your marriage in the hot zone.

Church Leaders – How Do You Lead From the Middle?

Are you a church leader caught in the middle? Most churches have “sandwich” leaders, those who lead others but are not at the top, whether staff or volunteer leaders. Leaders in the middle need to think through carefully how to relate both to those above and to those they lead.

I Won’t Be Defeated

This article encourages readers to overcome life’s challenges by embracing the Power of God. We are not to walk in defeat of the enemy, but in victory through Christ Jesus.

Changing Your Spiritual Mind

Most religious systems focus on the behavior of their adherents. If they behave properly, or do good, they are deemed to be good. Biblical Christianity, however, focuses on intent as the primary criterion of goodness. As a result, the foundations of goodness are found in the mind.

Church Leaders – Do You Have Enough Integrity?

When church leaders have integrity, they practice what we preach. Remaining whole as leaders in ministry means paying attention to the stress we are under and finding ways to support ourselves along the way.

On Dating the Birth of Jesus

Much controversy has existed concerning the enrollment that took place before Jesus was born. The controversy has led many to doubt the veracity of the gospels and the events described therein. However the controversies may actually be fairly easy to clear up as two documents, the apocryphal Syriac Infancy Gospel and the canonical Gospel of Luke, may pinpoint the exact year of the enrollment.

The Jedi and the Communion of Saints

Am I the only one who thinks Jedi look remarkably like monks or Jesuit priests? Have you ever thought about the theology of Obi-Wan Kenobi returning from the Jedi Netherworld to help Luke Skywalker? Compare the Jedi to the resurrection of Christ and the Communion of Saints.

Should Christians Practice the Law of Attraction?

Does the law of attraction fit in with the Christian faith? Is the law of attraction Biblical? Many Christians feel uncomfortable with the LOA and believe they shouldn’t “go there,” that it’s New Age stuff.

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