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8 Ways to Grow in Your Relationship With God

As the Fave Five saga continues, Chuck allows D-Wade to become a part of his Fave Five phone group. However, Barkley begins to irritate Wade with his constant calling. Our relationship with Jesus Christ is not the same. God loves us and wants us to stay in close contact with Him. This article lists 8 practical ways to stay close to God grow in your relationship with Him.

Praying on Purpose – Five Prayer Requests That Will Get God’s Attention

Many Christians pray, but don’t receive the results they’re looking for. While God can hear all prayers, He responds readily to prayers that focus on His purpose. This article will give five powerful prayer requests that will cause God to respond on the believer’s behalf.

Survive Or Thrive?

I believe that whether you “survive or thrive” has a lot to do with your mindset. What are willing to accept and what are you willing to reject? Your personal beliefs will determine the action that you take.

4 Vital Things For You to Do and Why the Father Hears Some People’s Prayers

If you are to have a life that you love and see a lot of good days then there are four things that you need to do and they are: You are not to speak evil out of your mouth. I found this cute little scripture today as I was reading, and I thought I would share it with you as it contains so much.

Essential Knowledge For People That Want to Move in the Prophetic

As a person who wants to move in the prophetic, you might want to know more about the three prophetic gifts. Here is a lesson, which I take about a personal prophecy that I received a couple of weeks ago.

Going Through the Levels of Higher Relationship With Jesus

People might not preach about it, but there are at least three levels for relationship with Jesus, that you can progress through. In this brief article I will list them and give hints how to grow in your walk with Jesus so you also can progress to the higher realms with Jesus.

Marketing Christ

Virtually all contemporary Christian marketing pays lip service to Jesus Christ but is focused on the people in the pews. It is primarily concerned with noses and nickels related to particular institutions. It lobbies against preaching or sharing any biblical truth that has a hard edge, that will make people uncomfortable, or that may be difficult to understand. And, like it or not, biblical truth will make us all uncomfortable. It’s supposed to!

Those That Take Their Hands of the Plough the LORD Has No Pleasure in Them – Hebrews 10 Vs 38

It is a sobering scripture and you might want to go and read from verse 35 after you read this to get it all in context, but I reckon a person that the LORD has no pleasure in, wouldn’t get to heaven unless they repented and changed. Read on…

Freely You Have Been Given, Freely Give – A Wakeup Call For Christian Ministries!

Jesus said, “These people honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me.” Jesus went into the Temple twice with whips to stop the selling in His Father’s house and yet many churches have little book and resources shops in their churches and making a good business of the lessons they have learned in the ministry. If Jesus was still here, he would rip those bookshops apart also. Read on…

Why I Wear a Collar

The thing is that when somebody is hurting badly enough, he wants to talk to someone who might be in touch with God, and so much the better if that person is obviously, by appearance, a member of the clergy. People expect the clergy to be helpers at any time.

Christian Openness

God desires to be intimate with us. He emotes in Jeremiah 33:3, “Call to me, and I will answer you and show you great and unsearchable things that you do not know.” As a young believer, I would take this initiative and ask God and sure enough, he would show me great things.

Christians Are Overcomers!

We have a tendency to love the world. But just as the scriptures are clear that we cannot love both God and money, we cannot love both the world and God. As believers in Jesus, we must learn to overcome the world, not embrace it.

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