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Miracle Healing and Christian Deliverance


Miracle Healing and Christian Deliverance

Jesus called twelve disciples. These men were called apostles, which is Spanish for “sons of thunder.” The twelve disciples were James, Peter, John, James the younger, and Thaddaeus. Jesus had compassion on them all and began teaching the people. Jesus was so full of compassion, he healed the sick even in circumstances that would fuel the jealousy of his enemies.

The apostles, however, were very limited in their scope and mission. They were unable to convert entire cities. Despite this, the apostles were given authority to heal the sick and cast out demons. It was only when the apostles began to perform miracles, as the apostles themselves were given authority to perform these healings, that they were able to prove themselves as messengers of God.

The Church grew exponentially in the fourth century, and Christian healing was increasingly accepted. It was not uncommon for committed Christians to sacrifice their health and well-being to practice their religion. Neoplatonic ideas about the prison of the soul also made their way into Christian belief. As a result, the ascetic monk Jerome translated the Bible from Greek to Latin, rendering the word sozo as “save” instead of “heal.”

Jesus performed a number of miracles in the Old Testament and in the New Testament to prove that He was the Messiah. For instance, he cast out demons and turned water into wine in Mark 4:35-41. He also healed people, cast out demons, and turned water into wine in John 2:1-11. In addition, he raised the dead.

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