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Miracle Healing in Christianity


Miracle Healing in Christianity

Miracles are part of Christianity, and we have a strong belief that God can heal anyone who is sick. The miracles of Jesus testify to his deity and compassion for the suffering. If we believe in Jesus, then we should have the same compassion for those in need. In addition, Christians believe that walking in faith will make us immune to sickness.

However, it is important to realize that the vast majority of professing Christians are actually blinded by Satan. Most Christians do not study the Bible and rely on tradition and teachings of men instead of the Bible. In addition, most tent meetings are full of mass hysteria and lack genuine healing.

A biblical understanding of the human person reveals that Jesus came to save the soul as well as the body. Christ came to rescue human beings from their bondages with satanic forces, and he did this by displaying his total mastery over them. In fact, twenty to eleven percent of the gospel accounts describe physical healings or exorcisms as a result of the actions of Jesus.

The disciples spread the gospel of Jesus throughout Palestine, preaching the message of Christ. The disciples included Philip, a deacon who had recently been ordained in the church. His FAITH led him to be used in healing, casting out demons, and performing miracles. During his ministry, unclean spirits came out of many possessed by the evil spirits.

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