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Some Say That Organized Religion Is a Sham – Let’s Discuss This

Not long ago, an acquaintance told me that he didn’t believe in organized religion, that he’d had enough of it, and he was quite upset with the Catholic Church and the issues we all have heard about previously with regards to molestation charges. As I listened to him talk about this, it made perfect sense to me, and I realized he was hardly alone in this thinking. Most Americans are quite upset about all this.

Prophets After Jesus – Is it Possible?

Could there be a prophet long after the time of Christ? Does the Bible say God’s last day remnant church would have the gift of prophecy manifested? And how can we distinguish between the true and counterfeit? Discover what the Bible says today.

How Faith Will Never Die

This article is about Faith not dying. Faith is a Spirit so it can not die. We all have Faith in something whether it’s in God or the World but it would behoove us to have Faith in God.

Are You on the Miracle Road?

This is an article about Miracles. Jesus has paid the price for everything that we need or want but we must put ourselves in line to receive. The Holy Scriptures are our Miracle road.

Living in Kingdom Victory

When God directed Moses to bring the Israelites out of Egypt, He not only gave him all the tools, but also guided him every step of the way. They had kingdom victory!

Our Heavenly Account

Paul commended the Philippians for giving to him not because he wanted gifts from them but because he desired fruit that would abound to their account. He was referring to their Heavenly account and we all have one.

The Lord Prepares a Table Before Us

I had a dream and in it I was with another person. We went inside this house and there were jewelry scattered around in the bedroom. This person and I begin picking out the jewelry but they stopped, I continued on picking out every thing that I liked. When I awaken from the dream and meditated on it I realized that I wasn’t being greedy, I just choose what I wanted it just happened to be a lot and the best.

Why God’s Favor is Important

This is an article about the Favor of God. He will cause people to show us favor, they will go an extra mile to assist us.

The Anointing Destroys the Yoke

When we break something there is a chance that it can be repaired and work again but when it’s destroyed there’s no possible way for it to be repaired. Destroyed is a more powerful word than break and it is what the anointing will do, it’ll destroy yokes which literally means to obliterate so completely that there is no evidence the yoke ever existed.

Why Prayer is Important

For Christians, prayer is the connection that we have with God. It is one of our core values of Christianity.

How the Covenant of Wealth Will Increase Your Finances

Read this article and quickly see that God does want us to be prosperous and even went so far as to make a covenant of wealth with His people. The Bible clearly tells us that not only does God want us to be prosperous but how to receive it.

Do You Desire Empowerment From Within?

If you want to be empowered you can be through Christ. God is rich in mercy and gave us life and only by Gods grace that we are saved. Saved to prepare to live for Him and with Him forever.

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