What Are Biblical Grounds For Divorce?

When Alex Met Sisqo in Big Brother He Asked, “Are You Religious?”

When Alex met Sisqo in Big Brother the first question he asked him was “Are You Religious?” This was prompted by a design on the front door which resembled the devil and which Sisqo had commented on when he entered the house. Sisqo went on the defensive and answered Alex in this way: “No, I’m spiritual.” Without knowing anything about SisqoΒ΄s beliefs I can understand why he did this. Religiousness is not something that can be easily admitted in secular society. But if we deny our religious convictions and try and make them something else for fear of being persecuted, we are behaving exactly as Peter behaved in the Bible when he denied Christ.

The Last Day Christian Church – The Wrath of the Lamb

Blessed is everyone that see or hear the word of prophecy contained in these videos, and keep those things which are preached and taught here; for the time is at hand. The Revelation Chapter Six (6) contains the prophecy of the wrath of the Lamb against sin, and the hope of the crown of resurrection of life, for the Christian Church.

Paranormal Activity & the Theology of the Body

The Bible is full of demon stories, like Paranormal Activity. The only difference is that the Bible shows us how to cast out and destroy demons by the power of God. I discuss the movie Paranormal Activity in terms of Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and the Book of Tobit, in which a demon has devoured 7 of a woman’s husbands.

Prayer of Gratitude to Jesus Christ, My Savior and Promise Keeper

It is altogether fitting that my first original writing of the new year should be a prayer to Jesus Christ, my Savior and promise keeper. I wrote the following prayer in honor of Jesus Christ, and wish to share it with you at this time.

Deathbed Conversions – Can People Like Mass Murderers and Serial Killers Get Saved?

Deathbed conversions are entirely possible, according to scripture. The term “Scripture” now applies to both the Old and New Testaments, though when the New Testament writers referred to Scripture, it referred only to the Old Testament until the time when Peter compared the writings of Paul and the “other scriptures” in 2 Peter 3:15-16.

New Years Celebration

Where did the New Year Celebration start? Does it have any relevance to Christianity?

Grace – A Beautiful and Rich Word!

There are many beautiful and rich words in our Christian vocabulary that stimulate our minds and move our hearts. I think the word “grace” is one of the richest! If you truly understand “grace”, (the unmerited favor of God) it will excite you and pierce the heart of your faith.

Becoming Gods’ Masterpiece

Christians accept Christ as their personal savior, confess and believe that he died and rose again for their sin and salvation. The gift through Christ is to have an opportunity to have a relationship with God unconditionally. If the gift is unconditional, why are Christians not experiencing the intimacy of God?

Last Day – Wrath of the Lamb

In Revelation 6, Jesus commands a blessing on every soul that hears and keeps His revelation to the Christian Church. The blessing is the grace of God to be saved from sin and escape the judgment coming on this world. The glorification is the crown of deathless life, and the privilege to sit with Him in His royal seat.

The Miracle Worker of Montreal – Brother Andre

Brother Andre became known as the Miracle Worker of Montreal Brother Andre was a man of prayer. He prayed long hours, several times a day, sometimes alone, at other times in the chapel, while traveling, with the sick and in a packed church. He attributed all the Miracles to Jesus Christ through the intercession of the Saints especially Saint Joseph.

The Theology of the Lord of the Rings – The Ents

In The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, the Ents march on Saruman’s fortress of Orthanc in Isengard and are an unstoppable force and just plain cool. Also, the Huorns, who are either Ents who have turned treeish or trees that have grown wild and grumpy, march from Fangorn forest. They consume the retreating Uruk-hai from the Battle of the Hornburg at Helm’s Deep.

Catholics and Idolatry

Catholics are often accused of idolatry for their use of icons and statues in their worship. Why? This article discusses this misconception through analysis of Scripture. It discusses the different etymologies of “veneration” and the Tradition of the Catholic Church.

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