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Miracles and Christianity


Miracles and Christianity

Miracles are central to Christianity. The Bible is filled with stories of God’s intervention in people’s lives. Miracles do not happen randomly, but in clusters that are meaningful to people’s faith. Miracles also shape the lives of Christians and how they reach out to unbelievers. They also shape how we see God in the face of trials and difficulties.

Jesus passed on power in two categories: healing and the power over demons. He did many miracles and was capable of transforming diseases. These gifts are important to the life of a Christian, but they are not mandatory. Only those who have a passion for God will be effective charisms.

There are some Christians who claim to have miraculous healing gifts, but others claim that they don’t have any unusual healing abilities. They say that God uses them as examples for others. During the early centuries of Christianity, many people claimed that they had the power to heal people. But this practice eventually was caught because it was considered chicanery. Now, people who have these gifts do not use chicanery and just pray.

The healing power of the sacraments is particularly evident. Jesus healed people during his ministry and continues to heal through the sacraments. Through the Eucharist, Jesus is present and able to heal those who need it. This bread gives eternal life, as well as healing.

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