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Miracle Healing in Early Christianity


Miracle Healing in Early Christianity

In the early church, it was not uncommon for believers to practice miraculous healings. The Twelve and the Seventy disciples each had a special healing gift. Peter and Paul were also known for healings. The Holy Spirit is said to have given these gifts to those who have faith. During the first three centuries of Christianity, the church added half a million new converts every generation. The majority of these conversions happened after a Christian had performed a healing, usually in a private home.

The nineteenth century was a time of rapid growth for Christianity, with revivals and missionaries spreading across continents. Many Christians reported experiencing a “new birth” experience, which brought forgiveness from sin. Some even claimed to experience the “second blessing,” which is the infilling of the Holy Spirit. This brought freedom from the power and pollution of sin. In addition, some people claimed to have been healed of illness and other ailments.

Healings were so common that they were reported in all three Gospel texts. The context of each text varies, though. In Matthew, the story focuses on the healing of a blind man, while Mark’s story focuses on the family bringing the man home. Luke also mentions healings.

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