What is God Forming?

Darwin, Evolution & Spirituality

In 2009, the bi-centenary of Darwin’s birth, we examine the success, limitations and implications of his theory of evolution by natural selection. In particular, the interface between evolution and Spirituality is considered.

The Story of Chosun, Part 20

Reading a history of Korean monarchs makes one appreciate the miracle – though carried out by earthen vessels, quite imperfectly – of South Korea. It also reminds one of things that are still going on in North Korea, as though time had stood still. I submit these histories so that people will know, love, and pray for the people of the Korean peninsula.

How Does Deception Begin?

Where does deception begin? As in the Garden, deception often begins outside of yourself. It is certainly possible to be entirely self-deceived, but usually we have some help. That is, we’re going along with our lives, and someone or something influences us to believe a lie.

Enigmatic World Changer

The profile of Mohammed and his followers has been substantially raised during the first decade of the 21st century although Islam has been a world force for 1600 years. Having been relegated to backseat status by western nations, Islam promises a continued dramatic impact upon the future of the world.

Astronomy and God Its Creator

Astronomy and God are two subjects that can never be separated and yet is the very fact that they can not be separated that makes it so difficult for us to talk about the two. For if we leave out feelings and belief out of everything we can prove the one but we can not prove the existence of the other. So then is there an answer? There may be too many holes to fill once you overstep the boundary between the two and it would be better to separate the two.

Here’s Why I Am No Longer a Christian

I hear from many people who say they love God but cannot stand Christianity. Of course, there are people from any Christian flavor who see anyone who doesn’t think like them as going to Hell, yet aren’t willing to do anything about it.See if any of the following message doesn’t apply to you. Pass it on. Love to hear from you!

The Mystery

Learn how to understand your Bible. If you think you know what the Bible is all about, this may cause you to rethink. If you do not understand the Mystery, you do not understand your Bible.

The Dali Lama, Curt Schilling, and Kosher Red Meat Hot Dogs

The fox in “The Little Prince” said “Words are a source of misunderstanding.” Who invented words? Would we all be better off if words had never been invented?

A Universe Without God?

For religious people the idea of a Universe without a God must be so profound that some of them never ever contemplated that it could be like that. They base their life on what they have been told to believe. But why do other people have different ideas?

The Extraordinary Strategist

If you ever find yourself in a difficult, adverse or challenging situation, this verse of the Scripture is your ticket out of trouble into the victorious life. When you fully understand the power and the import of the scripture above, you’ll discover that you can never be disadvantaged. The way this scripture is rendered in the King James Version of the Bible makes it a little obscure. As a result, many people don’t fully understand its significance.

Barna – Church Internet Use Continues to Lag

According to a study published a few months ago by The Barna Group, churches continue to lag behind in their use of Internet technology. Why are churches lagging so far behind? The Facts: Only 56% of churches use “email blasts” or eNewsletters to communicate with people in their congregations. That percentage is unchanged from a similar survey conducted in 2005. Less than 2/3 of churches (62%) have a website. That is up from 57% in 2005.

Absurd Theology – What is it and What Does it Mean to Orthodox Christianity?

Abraham’s faith allowed him to do something on Mt. Moriah with respect to the sacriΒ­fice of Isaac which defied all reason, logic, and moral sense. Soren Kierkegaard the Danish Theologian, in his book Fear and Trembling, called Abraham’s faith “belief in the absurd,” touching off an religious battle that has raged for centuries. This article examines the term and the debate.

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