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3 Myths About Christianity


3 Myths About Christianity

The Bible describes the human person as having both a soul and a body. The gospels tell us that Christ came to save our souls, but many of us have been exposed to enough anti-Christian propaganda that we are sceptical of Christianity. We see anti-Christian sentiments in the media and even in some intellectual circles. This is a problem because people formed in such circumstances are more difficult to reach. Here are some facts about Christianity.

The first myth about Christianity is that the spiritual warriors are “superhuman”. This idea is a distorted version of Christian belief. Many Christians believe they are in a position to defeat the devil. But they fail to recognize that this power comes from God. Those who practice charismatic Christianity are not merely seeking the forgiveness of sin, but also an experience of enlightenment and salvation.

The second myth is that evangelicals need to reach the world through missionary activity. The “reverse mission” has been a persistent issue since the beginning of the Christian faith. Many evangelicals criticized this approach as imperialist and ineffective, and many evangelicals resisted the “reverse mission” movement. But these leaders believed in the spiritual strength of subaltern southerners and their advanced knowledge of the demonic.

The third myth is that prophecy is a dangerous phenomenon. In the Bible, the prophets of the New Testament speak of prophecy, but it never elevates it to the status of the Holy Spirit. Christians should also test potential prophecies before relying on them. If a person claims to be a prophet, they should first seek the approval of the church’s leaders. That way, they will not risk being condemned.

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