What is the REAL GOSPEL!?

What A Wonder! Rediscovering Wonder

Did you ever wonder about wonder? Some people connect it with our creativity and curiosity behind the sense of mystery driving our quest for answers. But what really is the source of this wonderment? Is it a strange evolutionary hangover inherited from the past that has shaped the success of humanity, or does it have any deeper value or significance?

God Stands For Good, But How Good Is God?

Using linguistics and the records in archaeology and anthropology it is not hard to trace the roots of religion and how the false gods came to dominate the world. It is now the time of the end when they are to go and all things will be restored for the Children of the Spirit who are called the House of Israel.

The Tragic Consequences of Contaminated Water

I have been grieved to read about the tragic circumstances in Flint, Michigan. Their contaminated water supply is bringing about untold health concerns.

The Prophets Of Jerusalem Display A Horrible Thing

The gods promoted by the city of Jerusalem are fake and an abomination to the Spirit of the Universe, the real God. The city is in dire straits as the anger of God is poured out upon it.

The Old Testament Is A Corrupt Version Of The Septuagint

People rely on the bible as being the Word of God but it is far from that. Kings had a hand in its production as a tool for power and control. The Catholic Church took it over when Jerome was appointed to unify the branches after it was established by Constantine in 325AD.

The Parliament of Bishops That Carry Out Constantine’s Orders Not Those Of God

The horror of religion is borne out in the history of the Catholic Church and its branches. Established by Constantine it is his orders that rule over it so the bishops still answer to him.

Islam And The World Order

Islam is the one thing that controls the World Order and its influence over all religions is obvious when one view their roots. Changing history books and burying the truth beneath a blanket of confusion has not prevented the facts from being extracted.

Loneliness And Feeling Alone Are Not From God

There is a God, and he knows all about us. God may not be a man that we can see, feel or touch, but He exists. We experience him by his spirit, reading the Bible, in praise and worship, and fellowship with other Christians. He knows what’s in our mind, hearts, and spirit.

Wisdom of the Modesto Manifesto

When we decide to do something important, a thing that will stick to us and possibly endure beyond our lives, we are wise if we form and follow guiding principles on how we will do this thing. Consider the wisdom of The Modesto Manifesto.

Our Father Who Is In Heaven

Is this simply a prayer recited by many, under varying circumstances or might there be more to these words then fits our eye? We find this prayer in Matthew 6 and again in Luke 11. The disciples were being instructed by Jesus. We have in these two books and chapters a record of Jesus’ lessons and more. There is so much in this discussion with Jesus’ disciples many simply overlook or don’t take for the same value as the Lord’s Prayer which itself is within the same chapters.

The Vatican Claimed Everything Going As Part Of Its Religion

The clever way the Vatican hid its roots to avoid discovery of its origin is part of hiding the facts behind a wall. That barrier is now breaking down as the truth is released.

The Umbrella Of Unity Ordered the Catholic Church And All Christianity

God is only interested in the Spirit people who have now been tried and tested. Those who are loyal and faithful to their inner voice are now finding the power as things of this earth are brought to an end.

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