What Should I Pray For In Prayer?

When Faith Seems to Fail

After years of striving and struggling to live the Christian life, many sincere believers have traumatically come to the conclusion that it is hopeless to experience the abundant life of Christ in the strength of their own ability. Though it may sound strange, it is necessary that we fail in life as long as we try in our strength to produce what only God can produce in us.

Rewards of the Christian Life

The Christian life is portrayed as a race by the writer of Hebrews. Paul compares himself with the racers and competitors in the Isthmian games which were celebrated in the city of Corinth. The winner of these races was carried to the judge, the prize was given and a crown placed on the winner’s head. The name of the winner was proclaimed to the great assembly of people.

Leading a Bible Study – The Top Three Benefits

Ever thought of leading a Bible study? Read this article to find out the top three benefits you’ll experience if you ever decide to.

Christian Issues With the Internet, Having a Business With Integrity

The internet has so much information available to us. Some Christian issues with the internet is the lack of integrity or accountability.

Are We Living in the End Times?

Biblical end of times prophecy, also known as eschatology, revels what will happen to the earth during its final days as laid out primarily within the books of Daniel and Revelation. These books reveal several different signs that must come to pass before the end of the current age.

The Argument That Jehovah’s Witnesses Are Not Cult Members

Jehovah’s Witnesses are often looked upon as being part of a cult, when in reality they are far from anything cult-like. There is no charismatic leader who tells the members what they should or shouldn’t do, and there are certainly no restrictions for the lives of members.

Focus is a Choice

The Bible gives hope for those of us who have a tendency toward fear, worry and panic. Focus on Jesus!

Why Easter is Not Fair

Dr. Henry Cloud has a sure fire method to destroy your marriage, your friendships, and everything else in your life. Simply “play fair.”

Easter and the Power to Forgive

When the allies liberated the concentration camps at the end of World War II they arrested a man they simply called “Wild Bill.” Unable to pronounce his name, they gave him this moniker due to his rugged appearance. Unlike the other prisoners Wild Bill seemed to be in perfect health, which led the Allied soldiers to believe that he was a Nazi sympathizer, so they arrested him to be held for trial.

Guide Your Tomorrow, Christians

Your yesterdays once were tomorrows. Remember? Your yesterdays brought you right where you are. ‘Every now and again’ switches to ‘every then and there.’ What revolutionary changes! But it is just natural.

The Home Church is Free From Denominational Bias on Doctrines

The home church is not a denomination or church institution. Why do you think we have thousands of denominations among the protestant churches today world wide? According to the World Christian Encyclopedia, a comparative survey of churches and religions in the modern world lists around 33000 denominations world wide.

Pretence – Not For Christians

It isn’t worth the effort for Christians to pretend about who they are. Avoid dramatizing what you are not. It’s important that our outward carriage be representative of our substance and not our status or other people’s perception of who we seem to be.

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