What to do with your Bible

What is the Purpose of Life?

This is a question that has been asked billions of times throughout human history. In this short article, I will tell you what is the purpose of life.

Learn the Truth About Israel in the End Times

If you take a look at all the end times Bible prophecy websites out there on the internet, you will find that the majority of Bible prophecy students and teachers have their eyes fixed on the literal nation of Israel and believe that the end time battle will be fought in that land and that the literal Jews will all come back to Israel. But I believe that these many sincere people are focusing in the wrong place, and are missing a couple of vital Bible verses that show the nation of Israel are no longer the chosen nation of God. Take a look at these verses…

I Know Bad Things Happen to Good People, But Why Me?

Has something bad happened to you lately? Job loss, maybe a house foreclosed, loss of your life savings in the stock market, need health care? Don’t give up yet, read on.

Virginity – The Christian Stand

All believers are commanded to be holy- I Peter 1:16. Without holiness no one will see God- Heb. 12:14. Holiness is the key in the hands of every believer to overthrow sin. Since holiness and sanctification is the integral part of our salvation, Christians cannot go about sinning.

Church Fundraising Ideas – Free Media Coverage

Church fundraising ideas can be turned into large or small projects, but whatever the scale, don’t forget to get some free publicity and put your hard work and effort to good use. Here’s how a few simple things I’ve done have helped to get media coverage – increasing the amount raised and also raising the profile of the event.

Let Me Explain Faith to You – Religion

I often hear religious followers like Christians refer to faith as something good. I will ask them a question that they can’t answer and their response will often be something like,” You’ve got to have faith, if you had faith, you would understand and last but not least if you had faith, you would know the truth.”

Is There Anything Wrong With the Theory of Intelligent Design?

If you believe that God created the world, you should think twice before continuing on with the rest of this article. If you consider it to be blasphemy, by speaking against creationism, and using facts to prove any theories, you should stop right here and go back to your religious text, because you could be in for one heck of a surprise.

Is There Anything Wrong With the Theory of Evolution?

I don’t need to bring religion into this article to answer the question, is there anything wrong with the theory of evolution? There are plenty of things wrong with the theory of evolution, but you need to understand something that’s very important and you shouldn’t ever forget it.

A Harp and a Cloud Or the Kingdom

Believers with this picture of eternity generally view salvation in individual and personal terms like, “I’m saved,” and “getting saved” as a one-time transaction. The Bible supports the personal view, but also presents a much bigger picture. Since believers have only been taught a small part of the gospel of the kingdom, many get saved and just hang on until they die and go to heaven. This is the fire insurance version of salvation – not going to hell.

Passover Saga – Myth Or History? (10) 1300 BC – Yam Suf Crossing, Walls of Water, Egyptian Chariots

Passover Plagues-Miracles – Fiction or Fact? Ancient biblical events (Circa 1300BC) are confirmed by a university post-grad study group (Circa 2000AD). In sequential episodes and chapters, fictional characters of ancient Egypt interact with Moses, Pharaoh, et al, followed by a fictional university study group which reviews 21st century scientific findings, artifacts and logic, covering the same biblical events.

Phurba Dagger – The Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Instrument

In Sanskrit the phurba is called the kilaya or the kila, and in Tibetan it is called the phurba, phurpa. The phurba is also called ‘the magic dagger’ and it is a ritual dagger used in ceremonies. ‘Phur’ is translated from the Sanskrit ‘kila’ and it means peg or nail. This article explains how the phurba is used in Tibetan Buddhist rituals.

Billy Graham and Theological Humility – Will the Next Generation Follow in His Footsteps?

Every three years, young evangelists from around the world gather in Portland Oregon to attend a conference put on by the Next Generation Alliance, an organization dedicated to mentoring the next generation of global gospel preachers. While I’m looking forward to the Innovative Evangelism Conference next week, I think a serious reflection on the man that most of us attending the conference draw the bulk of our inspiration from Billy Graham is in order.

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