What Type of Sex is OK in Marriage?

Our Angels

A friend told me the following: You know, a mother is always praying for her children. It’s the same with me and Lollapot.

To Live Right

The Word of God is there to guide and help us so that we can learn how to walk through life the right way. Sometimes one phrase can keep you busy for a while.

Indulgent Desires

Back to the 16-day holiday. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I got on the scale.

Let Go of the Wrong Life Style and Desires

We haven’t arrived the day we meet Christ and accept Him as our Saviour. That’s not the finish line, but the starting point.

The Sun Rises Over Everybody

As you go deeper into Africa it seems as if the beauty and colour of the sunrise grow deeper and deeper. Everything looks so much clearer.

God’s Grace Is Enough

Many, many times I am amazed by God’s grace. The immensity of God’s grace is simply too awesome for me to understand.

Work As the Light Where You Work

When I visited England as a young man, South Africans were highly in demand. If a South African applied for work, you had a good chance to get the job.

What Kind Of Church Are You Looking For?

What are people looking for when they want to find a home church? How important is the Pastor is their decision-making process? What are the important things people should interested in?

Delivered Unto Satan

Sin that is not dealt with will affect not only the individual but the church as well. May the church never close its eyes to flagrant sin that creps into the church.

The Unjust Steward: Part 2

Sowing and reaping money to produce a monetary windfall is a man-made detour to a lifestyle of an unjust steward. One must never let money become his goal or ringmaster.

Are The Religious Right Being Misled By A Democrat?

Article explaining how the religious right Church is being manipulated by former Democrats for their own personal gain and articulates how. Donald Trump was a long time Democrat who now leads this religious group. His motives are not for the Church.

The Unjust Steward: Part 1

How should we look at the Parables? Were they real stories or made up illustration of a teachable truth? Why did Jesus use the Parable as a tool of expressing truth?

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