What Will It Take To Wake You Up? Falling Away From The Faith And Losing A Precious Life

Developments In The LGBT Church, How Gays Are Winning Back Their Right To Go To Church

It must be one of the most sensitive issues in modern day religion. Despite the progress that has been made on a political level, with same sex relationships being recognized in several states in the US, the mixing of homosexuality and religious practices seems to remain a taboo.

What Are The Seven Churches of Revelation?

Seven huge ages where one type of church dominates, or seven churches in Asia of the first century that typify churches of all generations? I go for the latter. Here’s why.

True Religion Isn’t Religion

The most important thing that Jesus did for us spiritually was to restore our ability to have a relationship with our Creator. And, that relationship changes how we view and relate to other people.

God’s Brilliant End to the Palestinians’ Role

The Middle East peace process appears to be going nowhere, while the Palestinians bypass negotiations with Israel to go to the U.N. for a resolution on a Palestinian state. But the real reason for no progress between the Palestinians and Israel is because a treaty between those two parties does not line up with end-times Bible prophecy. Thus, God is working behind the scenes to prepare for an end-times treaty with Israel that aligns perfectly with Bible prophecy, all the while making the lack of progress appear to be the fault of Palestinian missteps.

How to Pray for Your Family

Keeping your family together and building a strong family are more of a challenge these days. But these can be accomplished. This article explains how to pray effectively for the success of your family.

A Marvelous World Ahead

Who will govern and who will be governed in the next world? It may not be all that far ahead of us. Why not start thinking about it?

Tunnel Vision

The list of poskim (legal decisors) over the generations confronted with these weighty problems is numerous. What is new is the manner in which the conversion process is being handled today. Many poskim of previous generations sought solutions that would maintain the integrity of halacha but at the same time enhance shalom bayit (harmony) and achdut (unity). Today there seems to be posturing among competing factions to see who can be more machmir (rigid) and thus more divisive. What is difficult to accept is this parochial position which has become the norm in light of the fact that there is enough halachic case precedent for the current rabbinate to seek solutions that are halachically sound but reflect the best in us as a people: love of humanity and love of Israel.

Essential Church Equipment

A Catholic church looks beautiful all through the year. Even at Christmas or Easter, the church looks its best.

The New Bad Guys

Things are so different. Or is just that I am so old? When is it right to keep up with changes, and when is it better to ask the church to hold back with you? Not a bad question.

Shema Yisrael

Shema Yisrael is the first prayer every Jewish child learns and one of the last prayers recited by a person leaving this world. What is it about this prayer that captures the heart of the Jewish people?

Jesus the Christ’s Earthly Purpose

Jesus was an awesome teacher, but what was his real reason for coming to Earth? Was Jesus the Christ just a man or was he more than that?

Constantine – Roman Emperor and Beast of Revelation

Constantine – Murderer or Saint? His history is not such a blur that what Constantine did could ever be wiped out. He was a murdered, a dictator, an emperor and a Roman General whose actions changed the world. He raided; stole; cheated; lied and did worse in his pursuit of power.

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