What You Need to Know About Self Deliverance

Voodoo Magic Made Simple: Symbolism in Spells and Dolls

The most important thing to focus on when performing Voodoo magic is symbolism. It is the main element of almost any spell in Voodoo. It can be as simple as writing two peoples names on a paper and drawing a heart around the names for a love spell to taking a photograph of a couple and tearing it in half-seperating the couple. Almost any feat can be acomplished by using very simple representations of your intent.

When a Bishop Retires, No One May Apply

The qualifications for a Bishop of the Catholic Church are very much outdated and the current screening and selection process of Bishops is arcane and convoluted. Current policy is that whenever possible a Bishop will not be assigned to his home Diocese or one in which he has served. Isn’t it time that these and other issues should be discussed?

Pure Are the Promises of God

The promises of God of goodness and grace are unchanging. When we are caused to believe this, because our hearts have been melted in the presence of the truth, we are blessed and heaven is experienced. The promises of God, purified seven times, are complete and perfect.

What Recession Has Done To Faith

I believe that there are three types of faith no faith, little faith and great faith. I believe that a recession plays a great part in where we are in our faith. It will determine if we have no faith, little faith or great faith.

Don’t Allow the Institutional Church to Spread Misinformation

Here is a real life example of a priest, perhaps unwittingly spreading misinformation to make a point and a challenge to you to do something about it. No need to be reticent. It is your Church, too.

A Layman’s Bible Commentary on Romans – Lesson X

Paul draws together all he has written about Jews and Gentiles separately about spiritual and carnal life. Now he addresses both together concluding all his statements on this subject. Beginning in this verse, he continues to the end of this chapter. ‘Therefore brethren’, he is addressing born again believers. The thought he continues in verse 13. As believers, you are no longer to live after the flesh, to inherit death. If you have chosen the other path through God’s Spirit and the Gospel of Christ, you can resist the ‘deeds of the body’ with the spiritual help of faith and the power of the Spirit, then eternal life is your inheritance.

A Layman’s Bible Commentary on Romans – Lesson IX

To describe the law as spiritual, goes beyond rites and ceremonies, and guidelines of morality to the inner part of man – the heart and soul. It includes the thoughts, desires, and temptations and declares them as sin, contrary to God’s eternal truth and nature. It includes no hope of reprieve or pardon. This provides the knowledge of man’s sinful condition. The Gospel provides the cure. When he describes himself as carnal, sold under sin, he means his condition before his conversion. This expression is the strongest one used in the Scriptures to describe the full extent of the depravity of fallen humanity. It implies willing slavery without the power to disobey its rule. In Roman times, slavery was a common practice. Sin is described as a person having the mastery over his legal slave (bondage to sin). Christ came to change this. ‘Whom the Son maketh free, they are free indeed.’ (John 8:36.) ‘For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death.’ (Romans 8:2.) For a slave to be released required redemption which he could not provide for himself.

Atheism’s Appeal – A Review

The popularity of atheism has become well established. High-profile exponents are intelligent, articulate and have large, confident followings. In this brief article, I aim to look at the main reasons for the appeal of atheism and then offer a concise evaluation. I shall try to be as fair-minded as I can, and I shall try to be sympathetic to those who find atheism a support for the meaning they find in our humanity and the cosmos. In conclusion, I shall try to show why the basis of the appeal is insufficient to warrant the high degree of confidence that many people place in it, and offer a simple alternative.

Apostle Peter or Catholic Trickery

Many years of research have brought forth some stunning conclusions that have dire consequences for religious organisations in general and the Roman Catholic Church in particular. While many have blind trust in their faith there are times when it is right and proper to question belief systems for honesty and integrity. This is one of those times.

Drinking From the Well of Never-Ending Compassion

When we drink from the well of never-ending compassion, the effect within us, as we feel, is remarkable. Suddenly, we come to understand that this sense of God helping us by compassion is the seal of eternal life in our mortal beings.

Jesus’ Compassion For His Mother

The compassion of Jesus to consider his mother, even on the cross, is a reminder to us. Even when we’re in pain we, too, can think of the welfare of our mothers, when, by our pain, their pain is doubled.

Intellectualism About Jesus – Truth for All Series 2

There are millions of books out there, and all the literature is about the need for you to accept or renounce the man Jesus Christ – a deceased Jew as God. There is no doubt that this can present a significant intellectual challenge. It is a statement of fact that many will not even want to be associated with considering such ideas, so that peers will not take them for fools. We sure know that a Jew by that name lived in Israel about the time referenced, but was this the type of man that is recorded in the scriptures?

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