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The Miracles of Jesus – Healing the Sick and Casting Out Demons


The Miracles of Jesus – Healing the Sick and Casting Out Demons

The healing miracles of Jesus demonstrate His divinity and compassion for the sick. It is a part of the Christian faith to heal the sick. Miracles are one way Christians show they have power over death and disease. However, not all miracles are created equal. A person can have the same effect by putting faith in the power of God or by putting faith in himself. Often, people have a false belief about healing or are apprehensive about it.

In the early fourth century, the growth of the church began to accelerate. The conversion of Constantine to Christianity in 312 marked the transition from persecution to state sponsorship. The number of church members jumped from five to thirty million. But many of these converts were only nominal Christians. They were often attracted by gifts and higher status jobs, yet often sought healing from pagan spells.

The gospel of Jesus teaches that a human person consists of both a soul and a body. He came to earth to heal the body and raise the soul. Jesus promised to save all people – body and soul. In fact, in the gospel accounts of Jesus’ public ministry, between twenty and one-tenth of his stories are devoted to reports of physical healings and exorcisms.

The apostles were not only preachers of the gospel, but they also performed miracles. After Christ’s resurrection, his disciples spread the good news throughout the world, healing the sick and raising the dead. These miracles are documented in the books of Acts and Matthew, which detail how God blessed the apostles with healing power.

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