When God Does Not Remove The Struggle

2012 and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

The media has gone wild over the 2012 craze. This Mayan calendar thing has almost eclipsed the relevance of the Second Coming of Jesus. Are the two events one and the same? Is it possible that the Lord Jesus will use December 21, 2012 as the date of his return to the earth?

If the World Were One Church

The scene in my mind is one full of chaos, disorder and unrest as I try to picture this title in reality. Pleased smiles, condemning sighs and grunts, encouraging cheers, angry looks, disagreeing gestures, shuffling feet, excited chatter (which could either be excited- happy or excited-angry) and probably impatient exits, would grace every Sunday (let’s not be too assuming), would grace every service.

Their Sole Purpose is Winning Souls

Many business people are beginning to see the importance of serving a purpose greater than their own pocketbooks, fame and fortune. Be encouraged by this article to do something that REALLY matters through your organization.

Blue Heaven – Why the Sky is Blue

Christians today celebrate Easter mainly on the Biblical context of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. But certain elements associated with it are of pagan origin, like the Easter eggs and the bunny. In spite of the sensation brought about by these additions, the foundation of the Christian Easter–Christ’s and all His believers’ resurrections–remains alive and well.

Does Faith Work?

Global economy is failing, politicians are raging and nations are rising against each other. Isn’t it a good time to ask the question, “Does faith work?” Really, you need to know. When the month is longer than the paycheck, doctor bills are piling up, family members are sick and problems jump at you from behind every corner you turn, you need to know the truth.

Refining the Grail Dynasty Concept

Although the concept of a bloodline descending from Jesus and Mary Magdalene has been a subject of enormous interest due to books like Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code,” originally the notion of a Grail Dynasty did not originate within the Judeo-Christian realm. Instead it was the Germanic tribes that originally had this idea. What are the implications of this ancient idea of divine descent?

Nostradamus Prophecies – Predictions on the End of the World

Nostradamus prophecies and predictions about the End of the World rings out a great concern for many people. Millions of people believe that Nostradamus (1503-1566) was a genuine prophet who foretold the future in sometimes amazing detail. Other people point out, however, that he did not make any claim to be a prophet in the Biblical sense of the word and that his “prophecies” (quatrains of rhymes) were often deliberately obscure, allowing them to be “fulfilled” by a wide range of competing historical events. Of particular concern to many Christians is Nostradamus’ dependence on astrology when making his predictions, which is condemned as useless by the Bible (See Isaiah 47:12-14).

Mayan Calendar 2012 – Are You Looking Forward to 12-21-12?

I’m really distressed about this Mayan end-of-the-world scenario scheduled for December 21, 2012. No, I’m not distressed in the usual way: I am not fearful that we’ll all die in exactly three years and one month. Instead, I am distressed that so many people are so discouraged and fearful of the future that they anticipate the date with an emotion on the verge of relief.

In a First Communion Dress Your Daughter Will Look Like a Princess on This Holy Day

If you have a First Communion on the way for your little girl then I’m sure that you are thinking about First Communion dresses. A First Communion dress is so important because it is very symbolic, standing for the relationship of your little girl with the Creator. Choosing the right First Holy Communion dress is important.

Santo Nino De Atocha – Miracles of El Nino

There are many recorded miracles attributed to the Child Jesus known as El Nino or Santo Nino de Atocha. We have listed a few of them here to give you a taste of what has been happening.

Gospel Expense

Paul preached because he was compelled to preach. He didn’t preach in order to receive a personal reward. He was called to preach, obligated to preach.

Faith – What is it Anyway?

Faith means a lot of different things to different people. But, what does God’s Word say about faith? What is faith, really?

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