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Miracle Healing in Christian Spiritual Warfare


Miracle Healing in Christian Spiritual Warfare

The basic tenet of Christianity is that everyone has both a body and a soul. Jesus came to save souls, but his mission was also to raise bodies. The biblical accounts of Jesus’ public ministry include many stories of physical healing and exorcisms. Yet in this culture, many people are inoculated against Christianity. In addition, many of these people also have a history of anti-Christian sentiment in their intellectual circles. Therefore, it is more difficult to convert such people to the gospel of Jesus.

Some Christians have taken this idea to extremes. They have compared their fervent prayer to being shot by a machine gun. Others have called it a form of cosmological warfare, and they claim that the prayer of a Christian would determine the outcome of a cosmic battle between God and Satan. Several Christians have criticized such an extreme form of Christianity. However, these leaders have maintained that there are important aspects to Christianity.

Evangelism is central to the Christian life, and prayer is an essential weapon of spiritual warfare. Globalized charismatic Christianity – a subset of mainstream Christian practices with half a billion adherents – has reinvigorated a militant subject. Prayer is at the heart of Christian spiritual warfare and is a central practice of redemptive praxis. But the Christian life must remain in line with this historical heritage.

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