When PIGS move in – The need for deliverance W/ Don Dickerman

Your Opportunity Is Here!

Do you realize that there’s a place in the Lord that we can achieve in this life that will make us so unbelievably fulfilled, and so overwhelmingly exuberant that when we get there, we are virtually unrecognizable to our old selves. There’s such a place where our dreams can become a reality, and we can enjoy the kind of success and happiness we never thought possible.

The Best Reason To Trust The Gospels

There is no shortage of controversy about the reliability of the Gospels. One scholar says that as historical documents they are completely trustworthy, another says they are completely made up, and yet another says something in between. Is there any way to know for sure?

Speculations on The Hereafter – Some Issues

Those who believe that death (on Earth) is only a passing into another phase of existence (in the hereafter) can have a fascinating range of issues to contemplate. Could any of the speculative explanations offered by the major religions be ever resolved, even after death? Yet, there is a promise of beneficial learning in this new existence.

Jesus of Nazareth – The Man

The story of the birth and death of Jesus Christ is one of the most famous ever told. The stories of miracles, healing and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth were written and re-written to form the foundation of Christianity. The history of Jesus Christ is poorly documented which is why historians have depended upon interpretations of the four key gospel writings. And many if not all of these texts were written well after the death of Jesus, some as much as a hundred years later.

The John 3:16 Dream

Imagine, if you will, being there at your birth – at a place and time where you were clearly not consciously aware of the personal gravity of the situation at hand: you, alive; the genesis of life begotten via the provision, alone, of God… No one could possibly argue – besides the person with no will to live – that such a moment we ought to be undeniably thankful for. Others around cared for us before we could care for ourselves; watering the seed that God, through our parents, had sown.

Do You Believe In Hell?

Hell is mentioned one hundred and forty-six times in the Bible. If we add Gehenna to the configuration, it’s another twelve times. So, I think we are standing on good authority, when we speak of the existence of Hell. We hear Jesus Himself saying to Peter: "And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it. (Matt 16:18)

The Faded Light of the Gospel in the West and Its Devastating Consequences on Western Societies

Although the gospel appears to be a cumbersome hodgepodge of draconian, moral laws; that is not the case: Rather, it is a sober spiritual message to man from the very mind of God. And that message is the very essence of purity and truth. Jesus vehemently affirms that the gospel is the light of the world-the light and very eyes of man. History has time and time again shown that wherever that light faded from human society due to man’s cosmic ignorance, destruction has always been swift and merciless. Once again, we see a dramatic fading of the gospel message, particularly in the West. Anyone who does not have eye trouble can clearly see the absolutely ruinous corollary of the swooning of the gospel message in the West. All the cornerstones of Western civilization have been moved out of place; the jarring collapse of morality is a shocking travesty in Western societies today. That is by no means a coincident. The Western world has backslidden from its formerly highly publicized Christian commitment; and the consequences have been nothing short of breathtaking, moral destruction. All its golden values been washed away in an apocalyptic debacle of lies and blasphemy.

The Bible Does Not Say Man Was Literally ‘CREATED’ From The Dust Of The Ground

God created man in Genesis 1 and in Genesis 2, the parable of the Garden of Eden, man was ‘formed’ to be able to stand up spiritually. Dust of the ground was the word also for clay which God used metaphorically to shape man for values. The story of the Garden of Eden is a parable to teach the Israelites about the need to obey God.

Will 2012 Be the Year Israel Attacks Iran?

Iran, British officials, and even U.S. officials seem to be expecting an Israeli strike on Iran in 2012. If that occurs, it appears God will use the attack to prepare for the soon fulfillment of end-times Bible prophecy. This article will show the Biblical basis for this understanding.

Use Illustrated Sermons to Keep Your Congregation’s Interest on Sunday

You know that you put in a lot of preparation for your sermons. You don’t just download them from the internet and then deliver them in a monotone to your congregation. But do your parishioners or congregation realize the effort you have put into it? Are you certain your story or your theme is getting through to them?

Find Out How Sermon Illustrations Can Enhance Your Sermon

As the world grows more aware, and globalization spreads throughout the whole globe more people are questioning their beliefs, and looking for more answers. Whereas people used to simply accept what they were told, they now question everything in order to find the truth.

The Work of a Carpenter

Carpentry is hard work. I don’t know this from experience, but from observation. My husband, who is not a carpenter by trade, occasionally builds things – something to make our lives easier.

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