When Will You Give Your Best? #shorts

Christianity: Apart From the World Vs A Part of the World

Christianity keeps picking things up from the world outside the church, then battles with the implications of these things as juxtaposed with its stance of being apart from the world. Christianity lets in psychology and becomes psychologized. Christianity lets in business and becomes commercialized.

The Power of the Air, and the Music of the Gangs

Ever been lied to? I say yes, a myriad of times. One sure way is to sit through a Hollywood movie…

The Churches of London

What can one say about London and its picturesque beauty, its spectacular architecture – its monuments and its churches in particular. Many of the world’s most popular churches have stood the test of time and recorded Britain’s long history.

Would You Buy a Used Fossil From These Guys?

The human side of science. How the claims of evolution are exaggerated and even lied about.

Confronting Evil in The Last Days

Evil controls mans desire for power, control and dominance over others. This is the cause of wars, genocide, famine, mutilations and moral decline, right and wrong, good and evil have become so blurred in todays society that not many know the difference, this is where the teachings of Christ must be brought forth to confront evil.

Jesus Loves You, Yes It’s True

Love never fails and Love is God. We love because God first loved us. Because Jesus loves us, we have the capacity for love.

Laying The Tracks

What happens when our prayers are not answered? What happens when the reality of God’s intervention is nothing more than a fleeting wish?

Peace, Hope and a Good Future

In our planning we always seek something better, particularly when hard times have struck. We never can tell when a harder time might strike, but it does us more good to think in ways where we are reminded of God’s faithfulness to deliver us up on good plans. It is best, always, to believe God’s plan to prosper us and not harm us; to give us a hope and a future.

The Incalculable Measures of God’s Faithfulness

We know that God’s faithfulness is great – so great we cannot measure it. That is, God’s general faithfulness through the provision and sustenance of creation. But then God’s faithfulness gets personal.

Is The Rapture Of The Church A Real Coming Event?

Yes the rapture of the church is a real coming event although no one know when it will occur; not even Jesus know the time, only God along knows when it will happen. The word rapture does not appear in the word of God but there are scriptures in the bible that relates to it.

Important Lessons That The Bible Teaches Us

The Bible is the holy book of one of the largest religions of the world which is Christianity. It is not a single book, rather a collection of books written by different men over a lengthy period of time.

Your First Meeting After Chatting Online: Are You Ready?

So you’ve met someone special online. The question is: is this person everything he/she claims? The way around this is to meet as soon as possible. This will help you from having expectations that are too high, and if it doesn’t work, you can cut your losses and move on.

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