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What Is Christianity?

Christianity is a faith that has been practiced by people throughout history. It is based on the teachings of Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit.

It is a religion that emphasizes a relationship with God instead of a set of rules to follow. It also involves a commitment to a Christian lifestyle, which includes prayer and the study of the Bible.

Christians believe in a God that is Father, Son and Holy Spirit (see Deuteronomy 6:4; Matthew 28:19; 1 Corinthians 12:8-9). They also believe in salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone.

Deliverance from Demons, Evil Spirits and Other Strongholds

One of the most common problems for many Christians is dealing with demonic spirits or other spiritual oppressions. They are very afraid to deal with these things directly and do not know how, or are too afraid to ask for help.

The Bible teaches that Christians have authority over demons in Jesus’ Name, which means that they can call on God to cast out demons and to remove their strongholds.

Healing the Sick

In the New Testament, healing was not only an important part of the Great Commission, it was the way in which Jesus demonstrated His authority. He often healed the sick while he was on earth, and later, his disciples carried on this practice with the authority He had given them.

But during the church age, the practice of healing was not as widespread as it is today. This may have had something to do with a decline in overall Christian faith during this time.

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