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The Debate Over Christianity’s Miracle Healing


The Debate Over Christianity’s Miracle Healing

The concept of supernatural ministry is central to Christianity, but it has been the focus of much controversy over the centuries. Some churches reject it, while others try to deny it. And some people chase after supernatural experiences, even though they aren’t necessarily biblical. Here’s an overview of the debate over Christianity’s supernatural ministry.

In early Christianity, people were expected to follow Jesus. That’s why elders were appointed in every church. They had to be committed to the Lord. They also had to obey the laws of the church. The Bible teaches that Jesus was the son of God and that he was the Son of God.

After Constantine converted in 312, the church began to grow rapidly. Christian leaders began to question the legitimacy of the practice of seeking healing. In addition, they began to incorporate Neoplatonic ideas about the prison of the soul. For example, when translating the Bible from Greek to Latin, Jerome translated the word sozo as “salvo” instead of “sano.”

In the New Testament, prophecy is mentioned in various places. It’s not elevated to the status of the highest authority, but Christians can discern between genuine and false prophecies. In addition, all potential prophecies should be approved by the church’s leaders.

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