Where In Scripture Is EMOTIONALISM Wrong?

The Neo Testament

What I do care about is the fact that the material is brilliant. It makes sense out of everything in this world that has made no sense to me, including a God who would cause or allow any of his children to experience pain, suffering and death.

Finding Joy in a Chaotic World

People are surrounded by news of horrific natural disasters, wars and violent crimes. Incurable illnesses almost seem to be on the increase. Mankind needs to know a joy greater than just simple happiness. Happiness is a temporary emotional state. The deep joy of a relationship with God is a joy that is unparalleled by anything society has to offer us.

Identity – Religious, Ethnic, Linguistic?

Arab identity is much more complicated and cannot simply be defined by a common language. Arabs almost always hold multiple identities at once such as: Syrian, Israeli, Palestinian, Egyptian, Lebanese, Muslim, Christian, Druze, Shia, Sunni, Catholic, Melkite Catholic, Coptic, Jewish, and secular Arab. Collective identity can be accessed not only through language but via religion, stories, history, tradition, politics, ideology, commemoration of events, or a simple celebration of one identifying factor which temporarily overrides religious, ideological, or political differences.

Creation of the Universe – Day Six of God’s Creation

God, who created every thing in a distinct order, gave man dominance over everything on earth. He included the fish, fowls, and creatures of the earth.

Creation of the Universe – Day Five of God’s Creation

It is on the fifth day of creation that God creates fish and fowl. He created the animals to fill the seas and fly in the air.

Remembering the Holocaust

On May 8th of this year, the United States will celebrate the sixty-fifth anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe. For Americans, Victory in Europe Day (VE Day) commemorates the unconditional surrender of Germany to the Allied forces.

What Are the Best Worship Songs For the First Time Praise and Worship Leader?

If you have been asked to be a worship leader for the first time, one of the questions you need to ask yourself is, “What are the best worship songs that I can use?” Unfortunately, there is no blanket statement or hard and fast list of songs which fulfills the criteria of the best worship songs. The best worship songs for your church may be different to the best worship songs for another church in another denomination in another part of the country, so when you get up to face your congregation for the very first time as a praise and worship leader, are there some tips and advice that you can look to which make the job easier.

Commit to the Lord Whatever You Do and Your Plans Will Succeed

The headline is a direct quote from the NIV version of the Bible. The King James version in Proverbs 16:3 says, Commit thy works unto the LORD, and thy thoughts shall be established. To get a greater appreciation of what is being said here let’s break the scripture down by exploring all of the possible meanings for each word.

My First Communion Experience

I can’t forget the first time that I went to church for my First Communion. Everything seems to be well prepared for. From the clothes I’m about to wear to the small gathering in our house that will happen shortly after the communion, everything was taken care of. Though I still don’t have much idea on why I am supposed to participate in that celebration at that time, my excitement on how I will participate dominated my curiosity on why do I have to take part on it.

Creation of the Universe – Day Four of God’s Creation

The Bible states that day four of creation is the day God creates the sun and moon and the stars. It is the fourth day of creation that God creates man’s time.

Jedi’s and Religion – An Opinion

Does anyone wonder how major religions feel when governments give official recognition to religions like Jediism? Treat them legally and without prejudice, that’s what governments do and so they should. As a practised belief, held in high regard by a large number of people so they should.

Church Grants Can Help You Serve Your Community Better

Churches are well-known for helping with charitable works in the community. They fund and assist with programs like meals for the homeless, food banks and other community services. Most churches have volunteers to help with these programs, but sometimes the church budgets don’t allow them the financial freedom to do as much as they would like. Many churches, though funding projects in the community, are grossly underfunded themselves. You can be awarded churches grants from various endowments and corporations, as well as some government entities.

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