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Miracle Healing in Christianity


Miracle Healing in Christianity

The Bible contains numerous references to healing and miraculous healings. For instance, the apostle Paul mentions his friend Epaphroditus who was sick, and mentions that the gift of healing had been demonstrated to him. However, we don’t know whether he actually healed Epaphroditus, or if he simply stopped it. Christians believe that walking in faith can keep them from becoming sick, and so pray that God will keep them well.

According to Christian belief, miracles are signs of God’s presence. These events take place beyond the natural realm, overriding the laws of nature. These events reveal the sovereign power of God over all of creation. The Bible includes stories of demons being cast out of people, nature obeying God’s will, and the raising of the dead.

Christians are expected to distinguish between true and false prophets through the inward testimony of the Spirit. Prophecy is mentioned in various places in Scripture, but the New Testament does not elevate prophecy to the status of divine revelation. However, the Bible does instruct Christians to get approval from their church leaders before attempting any prophetic work.

Christianity claims that Jesus had the power to do miracles. While some people attribute this power to the apostles, others attribute it to Jesus. In Jesus’ time, miracles were performed only in His presence, and he had power over demons. The apostles, in turn, performed miracles, but they were limited to healing people and raising the dead.

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