Where should we pray? Is there a right or wrong place to pray at?

2010 FIFA World Cup Commercials – Hyundai’s Ad Upsets Catholics

If you have been watching the World Cup at all lately you have probably seen a whole lot of commercials and advertisements from a wide range of companies. One in particular who seems to be pushing themselves very hard through what seems like a never-ending arsenal of ads is Hyundai.

Apostolic Presbyterianism – The Scriptures on Church Government (Biblical Presbyterian Ecclesiology)

Comments on the Apostolic, Presbyterian general assembly held in Acts 15, excerpted from the book Historical Theology (volume one, pp. 43-47). Although our review of Theological Discussions properly begins at the close of the apostolic age, yet there is one transaction recorded in the New Testament to which it may be proper to advert to, from its intimate connection with the whole subsequent history and government of the church, and with the controversies to which they have given rise, many of them continuing down to the present day. I allude to what is commonly called the Council of Jerusalem, recorded in the fifteenth chapter of the Acts of the Apostles.

Just a Robin

Been birding since I was about 8 years old. They say I’m not a true birdwatcher, but rather a bird “lister.” I like seeing how many species I can see in one day, and of course sighting that new and special bird, that will add to my count. It’s a safe way of hunting.

The Churches of Revelations – The Seventh Church – Laodiceans

God is angry with the Church of the Laodiceans (Revelations 3:14-22). They are guilty of trying to fool God.

The Churches of Revelations – The Sixth Church – Philadelphia

The Church of Philadelphia (Revelations 3:7-13), is commended by Jesus. Listen to what the Lord Jesus says about Philadelphia.

Private Worship – Missing Link to a Successful and Joy Filled Life

You might publicly worship God in church, read your Bible regularly, pray consistently and even sing in the choir, but are still not experiencing maximum success and joy in your life. Why? You fail to do the one thing absolutely necessary for a successful and joy filled Christian life. You don’t spend extended times worshiping God each day.

The Churches of Revelations – The Fifth Church – Sardis

The Church of Sardis (Revelations 3:1-6), has a deadly serious problem. Listen to what the Lord Jesus says about Sardis.

Affirming Your Praying Power For Success – I Pray My Life is What I Wish it to Be

Do you know that success in life, is really whatever you feel you want it to be for you? Yes, there are no hard and fast rules, it’s really up to you to define your own success roadmap, and this is whatever you feel will make you happy in life.

I Deserved to Die, But He Took My Place

I was guilty and deserved to die for my sins; not worthy of any pardon or forgiveness, but Jesus Christ came to my rescue, and he took my place and died for me. Even when death sentence was already pronounced on me (Gen 3:19; Rom 3:23), he knew he could do something to deliver me from the verdict of guilty.

Are You Sick? Believe God For Your Healing!

Only God can give you the perfect healing you need in this time that there are divers kinds of sicknesses, diseases or afflictions everywhere in the world. Doctors may treat you; nurses may administer medications, but healing comes only from above.

The Churches of Revelations – The Fourth Church – Thyatira

The Church of Thyatira (Revelations 2:18-29), has a problem even more serious than the problems of the Church of Pergamos. Listen to what the Lord Jesus says about Thyatira. Every Christian belongs to one of the churches of Revelations. Let us examine ourselves and prayerfully seek God’s face and forgiveness.

I Am Not the Andrew

“Are you guilty or not? The lawyer asked, looking intently into the young man’s eyes.

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