While Teaching, Sometimes Demons Show Up!

Those Philosophical And Abstract Godly Attributes

There are those philosophers who are religiously inclined who have tried to conjure up their idealized version of a deity – God for all practical purposes and have been doing so ever since Methuselah was in diapers. However, versions of God as represented by them aren’t really the Biblical God. Rather, their God is the ideal abstraction of God or the philosophical concept of God. So any similarity between their abstractions and the attributes given God of the Old Testament is purely a matter of coincidence. No matter – either way it’s all nonsense.

Atheism – Last Refuge Of Unfounded Optimism

The more I ponder atheism to see why it has such a strong appeal, the more I am persuaded that its intellectual foundations apparently basking in the prestige of contemporary evolutionary science and its hostility towards any who disclaim it, are marks of a huge unacknowledged cover – that the uncreated I AM, the living God of biblical theism is the One whom they will one day certainly confront. ยท A CONGENIAL ALLY So, just what is going on here? Is atheism just as much a secure foundation for scientific advance as the contemporary body of…

The Cross of Protestantism

The resigning of a pope for the first time in six hundred years gave ground for some reflections about the Cross. Jesus Christ – the Great Cross-bearer Himself – called His disciples to carry their cross in His footsteps.

Round and Round We Go

I finally realized that I was beginning to overcome my fear of death as I lay in bed one morning last week. I forget what day it was; maybe Tuesday. I regularly lay in bed for a couple of hours after waking up.

What Are You Worried About?

With millions of Christians living in cities and the Dept. of Homeland Security seeing some Christians as potential domestic terrorists, the time may come with martial law that many could be sent to FEMA camps for screening or re-education. It is God’s nature to warn us of dangers and in the words of Christ, we may see His warning that could spare us.

Abraham’s Method As Solution For The Global Crisis

Anti-Semitism has been threatening Jews for millennia, and it is again worsening today. What do the Jews have that makes them such a hated race? The key is in understanding Abraham’s method…

The Holy Spirit Is Moving Mightily

We know that the Holy Spirit is always moving to provide us with our daily needs but if you are like me, you have been waiting for some miracles to take place in your life. Well, now is that time and I am going to tell you how I know it by this personal testimony.

Why Would You Call That Arminianism?

In my discussions with those friends who are persuaded by Calvinism and especially by the doctrine of predestination, I find they often do misunderstand or display a healthy ignorance of what true Arminianism really is. I cringe when I hear Arminians accused of believing that they must earn their salvation through good works. It is eye-popping and heart-stopping to hear that Arminians believe that they have an equal part with God in the salvation of their souls.

The News Conference

The auditorium is packed. People are seated elbow to elbow as far as you can see to your right and left. At least twenty rows of seats are before you, and an unknown number lie in back of you. It’s an impressive gathering. After a few minutes, a large man dressed in a rumpled tweed suit walks across the platform. He steps up to the microphone, and a sudden hush falls over the throng of reporters. You look at the nearest large TV screen which monitors the podium. Now you can see the speaker, and to your amazement you find yourself staring at a familiar face. “What? But that’s impossible. Isn’t he… ?”

Can Christians Smoke?

Smoking causes various kinds of health hazards. Christians should avoid smoking because it will annoy the Holy Spirit that lives in their bodies.

Hajj Rituals – Their Origin and Background

Hajj is among the five basic pillars of Islam. It is compulsory for every able Muslim to perform Hajj at least once in a lifetime. This article summarizes the origin and background of the main rituals of Hajj.

Magic Box to Weaken Enemies

Cleansing the Object – Before Danek ritualized any object, he would on most occasions have cleansed it. The reason is simple. The object may have other energies in it that may not help or even be in conflict with the purpose of the ritual. Cleaning the object means removing all previous attachments or energies taken from the environment they were part of. In order to do it you need a bell which can make a fine, vibrating and lasting sound.

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