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All Religions Are Dangerous

Inherent in all religions is the seed of violence. History is filled with examples of the deadly violence that religion breeds, and we are witnesss of that horror every day in our own world.

What Happened in Lourdes?

It’s easy in retrospect to understand the need for divine intervention in 1858. In 1854, in the face of massive opposition, one of Mary’s staunchest supporters, Pope Pius IX proclaimed to the world what had been believed down through the centuries, but had never been made a Dogma of the Church.

Understanding Islam and Democracy

Islam, a true religion of peace and humanity, unfortunately is now being considered a root cause behind undemocratic practices prevailing in Islamic states. The major reason behind such misconception is misunderstanding and absolutely wrong analysis of Islamic political values.

Parshat Ki Tavo – What’s Wrong With a Little Rebuke?

Fifty-four verses! That’s how many verses in Parshat Ki Tavo dedicated to telling us all the awful things that will happen to us if we do not follow God’s Torah. There is a widely accepted custom that when this section is read publicly it is read in a very soft tone.

Parshat Nitzavim – Heaven Isn’t Too Far Away

Humans are very unforgiving creatures. We hold endless grudges, and we even find it terribly difficult sometimes to forgive ourselves, let alone someone else. God, on the other hand, has an unlimited storage house of forgiveness for all of us. All we need to do is want it, and ask for it. There’s almost no such thing as going so far as to make full-fledged repentance unreachable.

By This – A Brief Lesson on the Identifying Mark of Christianity

Yet how can we really know who is and who is not a true follower of Jesus Christ…there are some tell-tale marks that identifies the true believer from the fake. Something which is so apparently obvious when it is present or absent that the task is and should be quickly and easily accomplished.

Crying Alone

It is said that if you laugh the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone. Jesus told us of these days to come, a world in turmoil, a world of greed and intolerance for the righteous believers in Christ.

Church Etiquette

We should be aware that there are certain things that we need to follow when going to church. Respecting God includes respecting His house.

See With the Sight of Forgiveness

To view one another through the eyes of forgiveness takes some practical insight into our learned tendency to judge. Understanding this tendency, noticing it, and then releasing judgment in favor of love is to learn to see with the sight of forgiveness.

Yes to Little Spirits in Heaven – No to Little Spirits on Earth

Over four decades ago I had a dream vision of many of the details of the second coming of Christ. It sent me on a lifetime quest to find out all I could about this great coming event. Today I am far from alone as more people than ever are having visions, dreams and revelations about this wonderful change coming to the world.

Do You Know What Sin Is?

The word Sin is tossed around freely, but do you really understand what it can do? You also have to understand something else, it’s good at what it does. What can we do to get to the point that we “Sin No More”, lets take a look at what sin really is.

Djinns in Islam and Their History – How to Invoke Rituals to Summon and Control Djinns

Djinns are the most sought after magical beings. For centuries conjurers and spiritualists have struggled to control Djinns with great success. Now this knowledge is open to every one.

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