Why Are Christians Obsessed With Marcus Rogers

A Jewish Response To Tragedy – Coping With the Newtown, Connecticut Massacre

Is there a proper Jewish response to tragedy? In the wake of the tragic shooting massacre of 26 individuals at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut, the outpouring of love and concern from the Jewish community would indicate there is. Their behavior demonstrated compassion, prayer and action; the three traditional components of a Jewish response to tragedy. The following article explains how these three elements were expressed by two exemplary individuals.

The Biblical Response to Betrayal

Forgiveness is never easy unless by the grace of God we are gifted release from the captor of retributive resentment. When we have been betrayed, when there has been a crime against us, we could expect proper justice in the incremental process set down by: 1) repentance, 2) restitution, 3) reconciliation, and finally, 4) restoration.

5 Small Group Killers – Traps When Starting Bible Study Groups

There are views aplenty about Bible study groups, ranging from people who cannot stand them to Christian converts who avow them. It’s clear that the Bible study group – the small group – can be a revelation in the spiritual life or a disaster (with all modes between). Let’s discuss some more of the obvious small-group killers.

Praising the Giver of Life

It’s with a serendipitous delight that I’m occasionally woken with an idea, a concept, a poem, or even a song to write on. But recently, not only was I given a choral exhortation, but the melody came with it, also. I got up literally singing it.

Walk Of Faith: Belief In The Non Imputation Of Sin

I have to admit that it took me a long time to grasp the truth that all of my sins are forgiven. Jesus died for my past, present and future sins. He left none unaccounted for, for if He had then He would have to be crucified again for it. He died for all of my sins and for all who call upon His name.

Evangelicalism – What’s Assurance, And Who Needs It?

Many people would love to have the issue of eternity and their relationship with God settled. But they are not sure if this possible. Some hope their own goodness will be sufficient to receive God’s approval, while others think that religious devotion will tip the balance in their favour. And in a secular society large numbers say everything is relative; one view is as good as another and those beliefs become the code by which they live. So, just what is the Christian view of being sure?

Kippah: It’s Talmudic Source

Do you ever wonder why Jews wear a Yarmulke/Kippah? Is it required by Jewish law or simply a custom? What is its significance?

Wisdom of God

What is the wisdom of God? How do we discover God’s wisdom and obtain it for our lives? What is God’s purpose for your life?

Why Convergence of Evidence Is Important for Doomsday Theories

When the world was supposed to come to an end, there seemed to be a lot of different theories. Part of the reason the evidence was so convincing to many was because the way these theories converged. This article summarizes many of the end-of-the-world theories associated with the Mayan calendar and why convergence of evidence was such an integral part of the equation.

The Composer’s Song

“The song of songs, which is Solomon’s.” (Song of Solomon 1:1 KJV) Have you ever wondered why some Bible’s call this book the Song of Solomon and others call it the Song of Songs? It is a very good love story with specific hints for those who are looking for them, and in a sense those hints remind us of another love story between Christ and His bride.

Vastu For Plot: A Great Way To Buy The House

The real estate sector has been the lynchpin of the industries because it has seen an upward trajectory in recent times. Vastu for plot is an essential element since there is much negative energy that tends to create problems for the people. For commercial purposes the cabins constructed on the plot must be located in the southern section so that people are able to conduct their business in a seamless manner.

Bible Verses About Faith: Trusting God

The bible verses about faith teach us to put our trust in God Almighty as the only way to give meaning and fulfillment to our lives. Today we have grown to trust and depend upon various things which are not worthy to be trusted while we left the true help that can sustain us through all uncertainties.

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