Why Church-Planting Fails? Why Most Churches Don’t Grow?

How to Use the Different Kinds of Prayers

This Article is about using the different kinds of prayers to get our needs meet. We should pray God word concerning what we need. Our need and the prayer we pray must be in agreement.

Kabbalah – A Concept Misunderstood Quiet Often – A Quick and Clear Overview

Jinxes and spells, talking to spirits, knowing the past life, predicting the future, are some of the misconceived routines related to the Kabbalah, one of the philosophies of ancient Judaism. But what it truly is can only be answered by a few, who have been learning it from the Kabbalists or the creators of the concept themselves, for many generations. Here is an overview of the concept.

You Protect Me – A Christian Poem For Preschoolers For Psalm 32:7

Do your preschoolers know the different people that God has placed into their lives to help keep them safe? Friends such as the fireman, policeman and doctor are always ready when there is a need. Read this sweet poem to your little ones to help them understand that God has provided people in their lives to keep them safe…

Saint Maria Goretti’s First Holy Communion

Maria Goretti had always been a happy girl, a selfless girl. We are hard-pressed to find any accounts of Maria being even the slightest bit naughty. You have to remember that the people of the local villages surrounding Ferriere and Nettuno knew Maria from the time she was six years old when the family first arrived in 1896.

It’s Time to Walk in the Spirit and Get Ready For the Last Days

For many people that cannot hear the Holy Spirit speak the coming times are going to be hard. When the earth goes into turmoil people will need to know what God is saying and how He is directing His people. If you cannot hear from God in your spirit now, you best learn from someone that can.

The Joy of Walking in the Presence of God

Do you know what it is like to walk each day in the peace and joy of the Lord? Do you know what it is like to wake each day and walk with the manifest presence of God in your life? Do you know what it is like to feel peace all they way though you? Do you feel God in your life, His Spirit on you, and a Holy peace and love all around you each day?

Speaking Nonsense in Worship

Paul called speaking in tongues a sign. A sign always signifies something.

Divine Interruptions

Interruption is a breach in continuity, an act of delay or an abrupt occurrence that interrupts an ongoing activity; a time interval during which there is a temporary cessation of something. Interruption can happen in business deals between people, in speech, at work, etc. As nasty as interruption can be, it has become so popular in the life of many people that they were made to follow a different course.

Studying the Bible – Check Everything Against the Word of God

The other day I had an interesting conversation with a friend. We were discussing trust issues in general, and he reminded me that we were Christians, and I had to trust him.

Hypocrisy – What God Hates in a Man

Jesus charged the Scribes and Pharisees with hypocrisy because, while assuming the position of teachers of the people and thus holders of the keys of the kingdom, they held to and propagated error, thereby locking themselves and their hearers out. How like many today who tenaciously hold to and zealously go about disseminating damnable errors!

Despising Godly Counsel – What God Hates in a Man

Despising Godly counsel is among the things that defile a man. A defiled man cannot stand right before God. To defile is to make dirty, impure or unholy. It means to pollute or desecrate.

Betraying Trust – What God Hates in a Man

It is a betrayal of the trust and disservice to God, if at any time one goes out of God’s standard to accumulating materials gains in order to enrich oneself. It is evident that when we betray God, we tread the path of unrighteousness, straying away from the Holy Spirit squandering all the truths of God’s word riotously without focus and meaningful application, but to feed our personal worth.

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