Why do Christians meet on Sundays?

Where Is Islam Growing in the World?

If we measure the growth rate of a religion by the number of new adherents in a given time-frame, than we also need to know the underlying data, and the formulae to determine the growth rate. Growth can be measured by a number of factors; high birth rate, conversion, immigration as well as the size of the existing followers on which the growth calculation is based. Therefore a small group may have large converts, thereby showing a high ‘growth percentage’ but not necessarily the numbers of converts.

Jesus My King

“Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven and glory in the highest!” (Luke 19:38) Jesus comes as king to those of us who believe in Him. He comes in to set up His Government and write His law within our hearts. He comes to establish His kingdom within us, and to sway His sceotre over our whole being and personality. He must be spiritually revealed and received by us personally as our great and glorious King.

What Stands Between Us and Death – Part 3/3

Opting out of the ‘body suit’ is not as easy as one might think. There are, as you know, an incredibly high number of earnestly failed suicides. Suicide, we think is complex and, we think, it has all to do with the person’s will to cut their own life short.

What Stands Between Us and Death -Part 2/3

Once we internalize the reality that some forty-one million three hundred and seventeen thousand people have died last year, with more or less two others dying every second, the next point begging for attention has now got to be… What is it that keeps us alive for as long as we remain alive? Good luck? Good genes? A healthy lifestyle? A good doctor? A team of specialists?

Which Will Come First: The Rapture Or the Fall of Religion? Signs Favor the Latter

A new book documents the decline of religion in Europe and elsewhere, recognizing notable exceptions. One is America – maybe. Maybe not. True, we have no fewer than 350,000 churches. Religion takes in $100 billion annually – and it’s almost all exempt from taxation. There are rich mega-churches, “Rapture” books are best-sellers, evolution is controversial and under attack from fundamentalists, televangelists are flourishing in the media and Billy Graham has still not been indicted for fraud. Pentecostals are babbling and evangelicals have taken over the Republican Party. Where does author James Haught get off suggesting religion is on the decline? Well, for starters there are data suggesting that we are, albeit slowly, following in Europe’s footsteps. Secularism is on the rise, especially among younger age cohorts. Numerous polls document a rise in “Nones,” respondents who choose none when asked for a religious preference. It seems that 45 million U.S. adults (about 15 percent) are what the devout might consider “un-churched.” Some suggest it’s much higher. Robert Putnam in his book “Bowling Alone” stated that 40 percent of young Americans answer “none” to faith surveys. In this essay, Haught view is supported.

Prayer Breakfasts Versus Church/State Separation

Though nothing in human history can be said to fail as often and as consistently as prayer (i.e., 100 percent of the time), President Obama followed the lead of his predecessor and urged the faithful (and presumably the rest of us) at the latest ill-advised National Day of Prayer service to return to civility and an emphasis on prayer. I favor the return to civility – not so much the public prayer idea. What might replace an emphasis on prayer? How about an emphasis on reason, evidence, education, justice, liberty, science and/or rationality? I hope (but do not pray, for god’s sake) that our president’s programs for rescuing the economy, dealing with terrorists, reforming health care and controlling Republicans is more evidence-based than a fatuous call for reliance on superstition.

God Fills Our Hearts With A Joy Greater Than Material Things Could Ever Bring

Suggested Reading: Psalm 4. When we are in distress, we call on God to hear our prayer and be merciful to us. We ask Him to answer us when we call. How do we turn the Lord’s glory to shame? By seeking satisfaction in other things. By believing the lie of the world that things make you happy. By following religious rituals to seek God. By following false teachings and ignoring what really matters to God.

Discover the Amazing Parallels Between Joseph and Jesus – Were They Just Coincidence?

Joseph lived the life of a servant. A servant to Potiphar, the citizens of Egypt, his family and God. He preserved the Israelite nation and the bloodline of Jesus. There are truly many astonishing parallels between the lives of Joseph and Jesus. Joseph foreshadowed Jesus Christ. Many of the things that Joseph did for Egypt and Israel in the physical typify what Jesus has done or will do on a much grander scale, in the spiritual, for all of humanity.

The Depravity Of Abortion, Does It Serve As A Proof Of The Doctrine Of Evolutionism, or Creationism?

The author submits evidence establish by the Scripture that man was created a highly developed physical, intellectual, and moral agent, but by the choice of the first man (whose name was Adam) mankind was plunged into the depravity of sin, and continues in that condition until today. Further, the author by means of logic examines basic tenants of the doctrine of evolution which pictures man evolving from a very ignoble “beginning” to the position of the most highly “evolved ” (the place of nobility) of all animal life. The article in conclusion questions America as to why she has fallen so far to allow for such pollution of spirit and mind, and the abandonment of our nation’s covenant with God through the gospel, so as to allow for such an action as the “legalized” murder of her unborn.

Prayers – How Important Are They to Families?

There is no way you can tell me that you have a family which has no problems-right? There is no family which can proudly say that it has reached the far it has reached because of their own effort-even if we try to prove that.

Prayers – Standing in the Gap

Prayers involve you standing in the gap between other people and God. It involves taking the initiative of letting yourself speak to God through prayer son behalf of others who may not be able to do so or who are looking for other people to pray together with them.

The Need for a Bible School

Many people are asking of what is the need for a bible college or a bible school, the truth is we need a bible college for us to be equipped with the Word of God that we do need as Christians. We are being taught to be bold in sharing the Word to other people so that they can know also the goodness of God in saving us. The bible school will be the one to teach us the ways on how to share the Gospel and many other things that we must know as a Christian.

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