Why I DONT have tattoos. Am I being legalistic?

Patriotism in Mormon Art

With recent renewed patriotism, members of the LDS faith are looking for things that remind them of the godly heritage that they feel towards this nation. Mormon art is just one way to express their convictions.

Religion and Psychic Readers

Religion talks about life after death and often pray to the spirits of those who have died to aid the living during challenging times. Whereas when a psychic reader, called mediumship, communicates with spirits, talks to spirits of the dead they are thought of as quackery.

Heart Matters – Part 2

In Genesis 21 we see where Abraham reproved Abimelech because of a well of water, which Abimelech’s servants had violently taken away… And Abimelech said unto Abraham, “What mean these seven ewe lambs which thou hast set by themselves?” And he said, “For these seven ewe lambs shalt thou take of my hand, that they may be a witness unto me, that I have digged this well.”

Transformation – Conversation

Communication is a key component in human life and the world has been transformed by the ability to communicate more efficiently. Society has grown from oral communication, to written text, telephones, and now the power of the internet.

Many Are Looking For a Leader Who Can Help Us in Our Stresses and Problems – She Certainly Was!

Jesus Christ offers living water so that we can refresh others, and not always having to be looking for a drink for ourselves. Have you received and do you continue to enjoy this amazing spiritual experience? Jesus still offers it to those who come to him and ask and who go on asking.

Surrendering Your Life to God

Now, Suppose that into this one account we could deposit anything and everything that comprises who we are and what we consider to be our property…e.g. Bad behavioral tendencies, good behavioral tendencies, material wealth, memories, emotions, gifts, talents, relationships, money, etc. Whatever we deposit into this account would then become His property and we’d loose our say in how it all gets managed.

Don’t Get Even – Forgive!

God shows His grace and mercy to us through Christ by giving us what we don’t deserve in the gift of salvation and eternal life with Him, thereby taking away our deserved punishment of death and eternity separated from God. This article shows the importance of forgiving other in the light of God’s forgiveness of us.

A Reformed Evanjellybean Reconsiders Lent

A staunch Baptist looks at Lent through a biblical lens. Why Protestants need to re-learn the disciplines of repentance, prayer, and study to cultivate self-control – a fruit of the Spirit. Can we observe a liturgical season without getting caught up in extra-biblical trappings? Yes, we can – and we will deepen our walks with Christ if we do.

Individuals and History

Individuals make history. It’s a simple point, but it escapes us in the modern world. In the Bible’s recording of the grand sweep of history, people come first.

Christian Stickers Are God’s Stickers

A sticker is a ‘peel and stick’ material containing a piece of message. (Apology for the tautology). Christians, like others, use stickers a lot. Christian stickers are made available on conspicuous places where what they bear is laid bare to those who care to cast it a reading shot.

Alcoholic Christians?

Are Drunk Christians Saved? What about Christians who get Drunk? Do they lose their Salvation? If they do how do they find it again? What Happens if they die sober? What happens if they die Drunk?

Online Church Services – Is it OK With God?

More and more people are using online church services as a means to worship and hear God’s word. Is it O.K. to interact this way regarding our church involvement?

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