WHY I took my video on tithing down.

Jesus’ Missing Years in the Bible

It looks like there is a big problem in the Gospels. There are more years in Jesus’ life that are missing than years of his life that were ever recorded. Why weren’t these years listed in the Bible?

Christians’ Relationship With the Holy Spirit

Christians have to develop a conscious relationship with the Holy Spirit. This we can do once we realize that the He is a person. How does the Christian bring this about? It’s by talking to Him as a person. Until we engage Him in this dire conversation, it will be impossible for Him to relate with you. So, talk to the Him always.

The Grace and Beauty of Christian Forgiveness

Since Jesus always taught His disciples in parables let us also explore this noble means to teach ourselves one or two lessons in this series. As Christians, we must imitate our greatest teacher ever.

The Hebrew Bible is the Mind of God

One of my most prized possessions is my Hebrew Bible! The Hebrew Bible is a mathematical document, a living Book, and the Mind of God. All that ever was, all that is, and all that is yet to be can be found in it.

Creator’s Covenant With Mankind

Creator has established covenants with mankind. Man has broken many of these covenants, however, Creator has provided a way for them to be repaired and reinstated.

Did Jesus Really Pay For Our Sins When He Died at Calvary?

What does it really mean, when we say that Jesus died for our sins? Is everyone who is alive today, forgiven for their sins? Do you have to actually believe that Jesus was God or does this only apply to those who believe in him? Let’s get down to the bottom of this.

We Are All Related

This is such a wonderful truth taught and understood by the Lakota, those Native Americans we call Sioux. It stands to reason that all of us who are related must come from the same Source, from Creator. And if this is true, then why don’t we all worship the same God? Some of us must have lost our way.

What About Evil and Sin in God’s World? – What About Evil and Sin in Your World?

Okay, Where and what is evil? Evil and sin do not exist. Yes they are different from each other. We will deal with sin for the moment. Sin does not exist except when you create it in your own mind.

Pastor – You’ve Planted Good Seed – Here’s How to Tell Which Will Sprout and Which Will Not

Pastor, do certain ones in your congregation seem to attack your every word and/or deed? Some among you are Pharisees and cannot understand your teachings. But then you also have the true believers who delight in your every word. How can you know who truly gets it from those who are either immature in the Lord or flat Pharisees? Learn how here.

Who Was First, God, Jesus Or the Holy Spirit?

You can quit reading the article, right now, because I don’t have the answer. I would simply like you to think about the question that I asked and see if what I have to say actually makes sense.

Is the Holy Spirit Working Through You – And Are You Sure?

You hear everyone talking about it, the Holy Spirit is working through me and I can feel God with me. Something goes wrong in your life and God is always there to fix it. If you have a question, usually the Holy Spirit will answer it.

The Holy Quran is the Only Revealed Text Still Extant Today in Its Original Language and Form

In this buzzing world where nothing remains the same as it was yesterday, there is one book, that hasn’t altered even a single bit from the past 1400 years, and that book is the Holy Quran, revealed on prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Now, one must think that there are many things still extant today, so what’s unusual about the existence of holy Quran?

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