Why Is CHH And Other Christian “Industries” So Insecure And Weird? Gate Keepers? Politics?

Home Church Roots Go Back to Abraham For Our Blessings

The home church establishes a spiritual to the New Testament from Abraham. We may have a problem with that kind of spiritual descent before the New Testament period. We have this super special theory that only the New Testament saints are the spiritual breed for God. I believe with all my heart this began with Abraham.

Home Church Eliminates Greed and Exploitation by Ministries

Home church eliminates greed and exploitation by ministries. Joshua brings in new people into the land of cannan. The land is divided among the sons of Jacob called tribes. This whole nation of Israel begins its destiny. Moses instructs them how to live in this new land. He gives blessings and curses. He places life and death before them. They choose death for the most part and go after false gods.

The Psyche of the Hindu

The Hindus have been inhabitants of the subcontinent for nearly as old as written history. Maybe 4000 years or even longer. In fact they are the proponents of some of the oldest civilizations known to mankind. Hinduism itself is perhaps the oldest religion and propounds deep mystical essence.

A Home Church May Solve Bad Children Situations For Future Generations

Am I trying to blame it all on a girl because she is the one bringing a child and cannot bring up properly? No, they are not the only ones to blame. They themselves are victims of bad family situations. How can you expect them to be responsible and behave with when there is no father? A home church will solve this by a father who takes responsibility seriously.

Home Church Roots Goes Back to Abraham But Not the Traditional Churches

The home church establishes the roots to Abraham. I am not against traditional churches that are biblical. But there is none. The institutionalized churches are not biblical to start with. Why am I saying this? The bible starts with the children of Israel. God selects Abraham out of the millions of people at that time.

The Wiccan Rede

The Rede, or better known as the “eight words” was firstly recorded in a speech by Doreen Valiente in 1964. It is a system in the neopagan religion of Wicca. The most common saying is “An it harm none, do what ye will.”

Home Church Can Teach Biblical Discipline Issues For Future Generations

Home church can sole biblical understanding and discipline. Today in the internet, you can find all kinds of free resources to tell you the original word used in a particular verse.

Bible Distribution Leads To Human Rights Complaint

A complaint to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario has been lodged over the distribution of Bibles to Grade 5 students by Gideons in the Niagara Region. Rene and Anna Chouinard contend that the public board should not have allowed the Gideons to hand out New Testaments over the past 12 years.

Home Church May Solve Immoral Lifestyle Issues For Future Generations

Home church will solve the wrong lifestyle dilemma. We are living in a society where we all have a legal right to live the way we want.

Home Church May Solve Wrong Sexual Values For Future Generations

My children did not steal, lie, cheat, or murder. Why do you think that is so? None of my siblings did that. Why do you think my father and I could raise children that are and were good? When we did wrong, we knew it was wrong. I learned that I should repent and regret about it and confess it to God.

Home Church May Solve Wrong Cultural Values For Future Generations

Home church has the power to correct moral and cultural deviations. The culture is the main culprit as well as the parents. The parents can do a lot of damage control in culture dominating their behavior. Culture takes over only and only when the parents do not take control of their children at a very early age.

Moving Beyond a Fad Driven Church

Some churches move from fad to fad. They have little foundation. One week they are harping on the end of our economic system and the necessity of storing up canned goods and moving to the hills.

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