Why is nobody talking about HELL!?

Investigating Our Own Religion

Religion, they say is a way of life. It is something that we practice more often. It is the epitome of our own personal behavior and character. It reflects of what we are, how we project ourselves and how we spend our lives in this world. Why this is important? Because we need to understand that we are here on purpose. Though there are some people who don’t believe in God, these are the people who believe that their existence is a mere product of chance and never thought of any accountability for their deeds when they die. Respecting their belief tantamount of leaving their fate to God.

Build Your Faith in God

All through out the ages it has been said by many people of great respect that we must posses great faith. Yet many of these people fail to tell you how to develop such great. So hows does one go about building such great amount in faith in God or even in themselves?

The Similarities in Religions

There are many similarities among religions. In fact, all religions have peace and love at their cores and all religions suffer misrepresentation by the militant acts of extremists.

Think Position

One of the best pieces of advice concerning the Christian life I ever received was, “Think position!” In other words, learn to view your life as God sees it, i.e. as you are in Christ. The term, “in Christ”, or its equivalent, is found over 150 times in the New Testament, so it’s obviously something which God intends to be a central part of our lives.

Bible Lessons For Children – Incorporate Current Technology to Keep Lessons Relevant

How can you keep your Bible lessons for children relevant especially for your 4th and 5th graders? It becomes more of a challenge each year. One of the best ways is to incorporate current technology into your Bible lessons. Let’s take a look at what some creative teachers did in our church.

Kids Bible Lessons – Is Someone There to Teach Them?

If you’re a kids ministry leader I know you’re familiar with a certain sinking feeling. It’s Saturday night or worse, Sunday morning. One of your teachers calls in or maybe resigns! What do you do now? And better yet, what can you do to eliminate that sinking feeling or at least ease it for the future?

Changing the World’s Concept of God

Witnessing for Christ involves revealing what God is really like. This might mean changing distorted thinking that people have had through a misrepresentation of God.

What is “Good Friday”? What Does Easter Celebrate?

On the original Good Friday, Jesus was convicted of blasphemy in front of a kangaroo court. He admitted to being God Incarnate (God in a human body so to speak) and that was the last straw! They did not throw Jesus in an insane asylum like they might, today — the religious leaders demanded his death!

Experiencing God

God is as real as this sin filled earth. He is as real as you are. Jesus explained that the kingdom of God is not something you can see, it is within you. It is something to be experienced. God cannot be measured.

Explaining the Christian Trinity

A well debated doctrine in Christian circles is that of the Trinity. If you believe in it, it is still something difficult to explain to others. This article will attempt to make sense of the doctrine.

Mayan, Mahdi Or Messianic – Don’t Ask the History Channel

Television is inundated with dark portents of the planet’s future. In a sweeping smorgasbord of choices we are warned of asteroids, nuclear war, worldwide epidemics and a Pandora’s Box of wild possibilities about the end of the world. Confused yet? Is judgment day an equal opportunity employer?

Church Outreach – 4 Common Mistakes Churches Make When Scheduling a Christian Comedy Outreach Event

Is your church hosting an outreach event using Christian comedy? Do you want to make sure this outreach event is a success? Here are 4 common mistakes churches make when hosting a Christian comedy outreach event.

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